Play All Bets Blackjack Online Blackjack at UK

One of the best things about being a cutting edge online casino is being able to produce variants of classic casino games that bring extra excitement and twists for players both experienced and new. So, if you love to play blackjack online, for free or for real cash payouts, our All Bets Blackjack at UK will bring you tonnes of extra excitement with its unusual additional bets – which also means more payout opportunities. Play from as little as a 10p wager and enjoy the chance to play for a rare and richly-rewarded hand, the Ten Card Charlie, when you give our All Bets Blackjack games a try today. Make your first deposit into your UK bankroll and you can also claim as much as £100 extra bankroll funds to wager on your online casino games of choice.

Getting to Grips with All Bets Blackjack

This online blackjack variant has multiple side bets but its basic structure and rules is based on standard European blackjack. Play as many as three hands per game against the dealer; you have to make sure you don’t go bust and that you beat his hand to win. Insurance, Split and Double Down features are all active in All Bets Blackjack, but there are extra hands also for more chances to win and also the chance to win a bigger payout than on standard online blackjack games. A blackjack winning hand pays at 3:2, and in this game, the dealer doesn’t automatically check to see if he has blackjack. The standard rules of draw with a 16 and stand with 17 apply to the dealer, so if you’re used to a European blackjack game, it’ll take you no time at all to get to grips with your All Bets Blackjack software and game play.

Additional All Bets Blackjack Online Bets

The extra bets total six altogether, giving you much more choice than a standard game. These bets are as follows:

  • Top 3: A side bet that pays out when your first 2x cards, combined with the initial faced-up card of the dealer, make up a 3 of a kind hand that’s suited, a standard 3 of a kind, or else a straight flush.
  • Buster Blackjack: If your dealer's hand busts and you’ve bet on this, you win – your payout is directly affected by how many cards your dealer holds, with more cards equaling a bigger payout.
  • Progressive Blackjack: A side bet for a progressive jackpot, and this is paid when you’re winning combo contains four suited Aces.
  • Perfect Pairs: A side bet that pays you out when your first 2x cards form a mixed colour pair, a matching colour pair, or else a ‘perfect pair’.
  • Lucky Lucky: You need a run of 777 or 678 (suited or unsuited), or else a total of 21 (suited or unsuited), or any combination of 19 or 20.
  • 21+3: A side bet that pays if the dealer's initial card combined with your first 2xcards make 3 of a kind (suited), a flush, a straight, or else a straight flush.