Play Casino Hold’em Online at UK

Casino Hold’em is one of the most common variations of Texas Hold'em; the main difference being that you're playing against the house, rather than other players. The aim of the game is to put together a winning hand and beat the dealer using the cards which you've been dealt and the cards on the table. Hold'em, whether you're playing this version or the more famous Texas variant, is one of the most popular poker games in the world. In this version you receive two cards which you need to use in combination with the five cards which are face up on the table - the flop - in order to build the best possible poker hand. The excitement comes from only knowing the shared cards and from needing to ascertain whether the dealer's hand is stronger than yours or not. It’s one of the best Online Casino Games around, so are you ready to step up to this challenge?

No jokers here - there's really a bonus of up to £100 (plus 200 spins)

This is the ideal game for people who are looking for something which is more challenging than classic five card video poker or Online Blackjack. And if you’re a new player who wants to jump straight into this challenge, then we’ve got an exclusive offer to get you started; a bonus which could be worth 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins)! After placing your initial bet at the beginning of the game - the Ante - you are dealt two cards from a 52 card deck (no jokers in this game!). Then you get to see the Flop, the five shared cards on the table. The next step is to decide whether you want to fold - which will lose you your Ante bet - or to call and play the hand you have.

Take on the house in this classic online casino game!

If you call you need to raise, to double the initial Ante. It's then decided whether the dealer has qualified to play on - to qualify the dealer needs to have a pair of fours or better. If you call, it leads on to several possibilities:

  • If you have a winning hand and the dealer does qualify, the Ante bet is paid out according to the pay-table, and your Call bet is returned to you.
  • If the dealer does qualify, but you still have the winning hand, the Ante bet is paid out according to the pay-table, and the Call bet pays out at 1:1.
  • If you and the dealer have equal hands then both bets are returned.
  • If the dealer qualifies and has the winning hand, then you lose the Ante and the Call bets.

So are you ready to play Casino Hold’em? Then join us in our Online Casino today!