Play Cashback Blackjack Online at UK

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Online Blackjack fans seeking out something that a little bit different might be interested in our Playtech Cashback Blackjack games. Following standard blackjack online rules with some exciting twists for increased fun and profit potential, it’s a fast-action concept game that’s designed to add a new tactical element as you play. Played with multiple hands, you get to reject or accept offers made on your hands, with offers that are based completely on the cards you hold but also those of the dealer. And as you can play Cashback Blackjack in our casino online for real money payouts, you will also be eligible for your up to £100 Welcome Bonus if you sign up and make a deposit into your UK account today!

Cashback Blackjack Basics and Payouts

Available to play for real money or for free, play Cashback Blackjack via web browser or download the software to your chosen device – either way, you’re guaranteed plenty of exciting online blackjack entertainment. Five hands is the maximum amount that you can choose to play per game, with bets ranging from £1 to £1K, making this a suitable choice for both low and high stakes players. And don’t forget, you can opt to play free games and not spend a penny – but the payouts will be chips only. To locate real money games such as Cashback Blackjack, go to the online casino lobby. The dealer will stand on soft 17 and hit on 16, and standard winning hand combinations are used. When it comes to winnings, you get paid out 3:2 for Blackjack, 25:1 for Perfect Pairs, Red or Black pays at 6:1 and you’ll receive 100:1 for 3 matching cards.

Cashback Blackjack Special Side Bets and Features

Once the initial deal is complete, you will be offered a Cashback Blackjack amount for each hand you have in play. This is different for each hand as it is assessed by the strength it has against the dealer – the more chance you have of winning, the higher the offer you receive. The special Cashback Blackjack betting option allows you to cash out on your hand before the result completes if you suspect the dealer will win – and this means you won’t lose all your bets. Instead, you can accept the alternative cash amount and abandon the game! This means that different strategy and approach is required when compared to standard online blackjack games. Additional side bets you can opt for, outside of your up to five hands, include a wager on pairs for any hand dealt (dealer included) that awards a payout of between 6:1 (mixed suits pair) 25:1 (perfect pair).