Play Virtual Horses at UK

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If you love racing, a day at the track and the sport of kings, get ready to saddle up, giddy up, and start jockeying for position. Virtual Horses is ready to race at UK and the going is looking very good.

You’ll find Virtual Horses online arcade on the ‘Other Games’ section at UK. The first page of the game is a giant betting slip with more than 60 different betting options. Each race consists of eight horses. You can bet on individual horses to either win or place. A place bet means you think the horse will come either 1st, 2nd,or 3rd.

The vast majority of bets are first and second place bets. For example, you can bet on horse #4 to come first and horse #8 to come second. For that bet, you would simply click the icon marked 4x8. The odds for every bet are clearly displayed and vary from race to race. You can also hover the mouse above the icons to get the exact detail on the specific wager.

Will You Back a Winner? Play Virtual Horses at UK

At the bottom left hand side of the screen are the various chip values. You click this first to choose how much you want to wager. After you have completed your first betting slip, you can hit the Repeat Bet icon to replay your bet selection.

As soon as you have made all your bets, you hit the Bet Now button to start the race. The action takes play at the fictional Playford Park racetrack. The graphics are all created digitally and the game looks fantastic. At first glance, it looks like an actual video recording of a real race. It’s not! It’s a computer generated game with a random number generator determining the winners and losers.

Saddle Up and Race for Riches - Play Virtual Horses at UK

The race is complimented with a classic Peter Bromley style voice over. The camera angles switch to add pace and excitement, as the voiceover builds up the tension. When the race finishes, you are given a photo shot of the first three horses and any winnings are displayed on screen.

Virtual Horses is an online casino classic, perfectly combining cutting edge technology and classic thrill of flat racing.

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