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If you enjoy a game of bingo, and the occasional bucket of hot buttery, popcorn, Pop Bingo is the perfect dish for you. It’s pretty much guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. This colourful game comes with the sound effects of popping corn. The numbers are revealed as the cooked kernels pop. It’s a lot of fun.

When the game starts, you are prompted to select a card and choose your stake. You can play only one card at a time. You then hit play and the heat gets fired up. The popping corn gradually covers the numbers on your chosen card. The quicker you hit your numbers, the more you win. Simple.

What makes arcade game Pop Bingo exciting is the race against time. To win big, you need to clear your 15 number card as quickly as possible. A £1 card will pay a prize of £10,000 if you can clear all 15 numbers in less than 40 pops. In 45 pops, you win £1,000. 50 pops and the prize is £50. 60 pops will net you £5. Pop Bingo will even pay back half your stake, if you take 88 pops to clear your card.

Popping Stuff! Play Pop Bingo at UK Today

Pop Bingo is one of several entertaining arcade games you can play at UK. Other game themes include football, ten-pin bowling, darts, video games, and more. The games are an absorbing alternative to the more traditional online casino games.

If you have never tried an online arcade game before, you can experiment and play them for free in practice mode at We encourage you to sample the goods before you play for real. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive.

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Do You Like it Sweet or Salty? Enjoy a Taste of Pop Bingo at UK

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