Play Hold’em Showdown Arcade Game at UK

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Love poker? If you enjoy watching Texas Hold’em on television, and spend your time second guessing the outcome of a hand, online arcade game Hold’em Showdown is the perfect deal for you.

The game is based on Texas hold’em. You are presented with a top down view of the table. There are five players: the dealer and four opponents. You choose an amount to wager and everyone is dealt their two hole cards.

Now the fun starts: you must decide – based on the cards visible – what hand will prevail and win. You can choose either the dealer or any of the four ‘opponent’ hands. The potential winnings are presented for each possible outcome.

For example: the dealer is dealt an ace and jack suited. However, one of the four opponent hands is a pair of aces. If you think the dealer can turn his lesser hand into a win, a £10 bet will pay £116.59. However, the likely outcome is that the aces will take it. Hence, this potential win pays £16.61 on a £10 bet. If the dealer is showing a good pair, just select the weakest opponent pair as a challenger.

Give Yourself a Winning Hand – Play Hold’em Showdown at UK Today

As the game continues, your stake stays in play. You can bank all or half your winnings at any time. You also get three shuffles at the start of each phase of play. If you don’t like the opponent cards, you can draw fresh ones. If you want to get three more shuffles, simply cash out and start again.

Hold’em Showdown is both fun to play and rewarding for the canny online casino gamer who knows a full house from a flush. The fact you can bank half your winnings as the game progresses, and keep rolling over the remainder, makes it both compelling and engaging.

Arcade game Hold’em Showdown is one of dozens of gripping arcade games you can delve into at UK. As well as poker themed games, you can enjoy arcade-style action based on football, horse racing, bingo, darts, ten-pin bowling, and much more.

Sleight of Hand? Play Hold’em Showdown at UK Today

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