Play Age of the Gods: Fate sisters at New Zealand

The ancient Greeks weren’t ones for free will like us modern folk, because they were big believers in destiny. From the moment you were born, your life and the direction it would take were mapped out by The Fates, three deities who controlled how long you would spend on earth before passing to the other side. The three sisters all had separate jobs. Clotho was the one who span the life thread and Lachesis measured its length with her rod. Atropos not only ended a life by cutting the thread with her shears, she also determined the manner of the death. Those Greeks certainly knew how to spin a yarn! One thing is for sure, you’ll be in a spin when you play the games on offer in our online casino - they really are a cut above the rest.


Take fate into your own hands by playing this classy addition to the Age of the Gods series in our online slots collection. Set inside a purple Greek temple, there are spindles, golden shears and a gold coin displaying the Fates’ faces in profile acting as the wild. The sisters are a feast for the eyes and are certainly dressed to kill, attired in green, blue and red robes. They’re not just pretty faces though because when Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos are simultaneously displayed on the respective first, third and fifth reels, they trigger the Sisters’ Gift feature. This gift from the gods involves the sisters being locked during a free respin and as they act as scatters, the chances of winning are increased.


That’s not the only feature of the slot because landing three of the oak scatter symbols anywhere on the reels means you can enter the Fates’ portal free games. You will receive either eight, 10 or 15 free games depending on your choice of temple, all of which have different features such as dynamic multipliers, locking and random wilds. However, all three options give you the chance to win three free games if one of the Fates appears on reel three. The gods are smiling on those who play Fate Sisters, just one of the attractions you can find in our online casino games.