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Enter our amazing Online Casino and take a trip to an amazing unexplored tropical island, for the adventure of a lifetime! Be warned though, this is no normal expedition, no, we are going to hunt the biggest game of them all, terrible lizards the world believed were extinct! That’s right we are off to bag ourselves some dinosaurs! Toodle pip, chocks away and let’s cast off to see who can nab the biggest trophy prize. Try not to end up as tyrannosaurus rex’s lunch, or you’ll be the only extinct creature around here. D’youthinkhesaurus? No, I think we are safe… for now! The adventure is about to start, hop aboard the steamer and we will set sail on a thrilling quest that spans millennia!

Walk with the Dinosaurs

Legends have often been told of ‘lost worlds’ on uncharted islands in tropical seas on which prehistoric beasts still roam freely. Of course no one has ever been to one… until now. Join our intrepid big game hunter as he stalks exotic beasts in this time travelling slots adventure game! On this exciting, rip-roaring adventure you’ll stalk your prey through a landscape comprised of live volcanoes, lush tropical jungles and harsh deserts in search of creatures that no man has ever seen before. You will uncover secrets and go on an adventure as you follow the monocled gentleman-hunter on his search. But don’t worry; you won’t have to leave the safety of your own comfy chair in this sensational slots experience. If you are new to our Online casino games, you can also receive a free $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus which can be used on any game in our massive collection.

The gameplay is no Fossil

Jurassic Island is a 5-reel 25 payline online slots game that will appeal to anyone with an interest in ancient beasts or an adventurous spirit. The gripping gameplay includes gigantic expanding wilds, multipliers and the chance to shoot a dinosaur for yourself in a sharpshooting bonus round. To make this truly a game for the ages, the superlative game mechanics are complemented by fantastic animated graphics and a pulse-pounding tribal soundtrack. Despite the game’s ancient subject matter, you’ll see that it’s jam-packed with all the latest features! It’s all so intense you’ll feel the sweat on your brow as if you were really on a boys-own adventure, hunting dinosaurs in a land that time forgot.