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The ancient Egyptians didn’t control as much territory as the Romans and they weren’t as influential on western society as the Greeks, but they got there before both of these great empires and their culture, religion, medicine, science, and construction skills helped to inspire every Bronze Age civilization that followed.

It’s not just about historical brilliance, either. The fact that we know less about the Egyptians than we do the Greeks and Romans, along with the mystery that surrounds their religious practices, has spawned some fantastical stories and legends, from undead mummies to plagues of insects and ungodly curses.

These influences are the main reason why ancient Egypt has become such a popular theme among Slot Game developers. Whether they’re raiding tombs, exploring the pyramids, opening the Book of the Dead, or delving into the mythos, these Egyptian Slot Games always have an exciting story to tell.


Some of the most popular games in the iGaming industry have adopted an Egyptian aesthetic, including all of the following top titles that you can find at UK:

Pharaoh’s DaughterA jackpot-heavy game that features stacked reels.96.5%
Pharaoh’s SecretsCan you discover the secrets of the ancients? Includes a feature with up to 100 bonus Spins.95%
Cat QueenA feline pharaoh is the star of the show in this 40-payline Slot Game.96.8%
Egypt CashBlack cats, pyramids by moonlight, and lots of chances to win big!96%
Book of DeadOpen the Book of the Dead and reveal the many secrets and treasures within.96.21%
Egyptian EmeraldsA colourful, gem-full Slot Game set against a pyramid backdrop.96.36%
Leprechaun Goes EgyptA Leprechaun dons an Egyptian headdress and makes a beeline for the Valley of the Kings.97%
Age of EgyptA mystical and ambident Slot Game with an Egyptian theme.97.05%
Temple of IrisVenture inside the temple to see what prizes await.95.4%
Desert TreasureTake your treasure-hunting to the Egyptian desert and see what you can unearth in this high-RTP Slot Game.97%


Book of Dead has been the subject of countless bonuses since its launch. Players have been invited to collect bonus Spins for use on this slot game and it has also been the subject of real money slot tournaments, where players compete against each other to wager and/or win the most money.

Deposit Bonuses can also be used to play this game and others like it. Once you collect your new player Deposit Bonus at UK, for instance, you can use your credits to play Egyptian slot games like those listed above.

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