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Asian themed slot games are all the rage, and Dragon’s Luck just might be one of the best options available. There are four special features that can occur on any spin, which gives punters the feeling that anything can happen on every spin.

There is music from the Far East playing as the five reels are spinning, and a beautiful oriental design that gives an authentic feel to the game. To learn more about the different symbols, jackpots, and features, continue reading this review.

  • Game Type: 5 reels, four rows, ten fixed paylines
  • RTP: 96.29%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Themes: Asian
  • Release Year: 2015


The main jackpot in Dragon’s Luck comes from the 138 symbols, which can pay out up to 1,380 coins when you get five symbols on a winning payline.

The slot game also includes a progressive jackpot and a daily jackpot. You can see the totals for each jackpot as they constantly grow. The daily jackpot is timed to pay out at least once per day, and once it does, the jackpot will reset to £500. Both jackpots are triggered at random, but you can increase your odds of winning by making the maximum bet


Dragon’s Luck is a fixed ten payline slot game with a minimum bet of 20p. Since this is a fixed payline game, the game doesn’t give you the option of using smaller coins. Instead, the betting begins at 20p, and you can increase it to as much as £150 per spin.


The four high-value regular symbols are the 138 symbol, which pays out the biggest jackpot, at 1,380 times the line bet. That is followed by a Chinese doll with a maximum payout of 400 coins, a koi fish that can pay out up to 300 coins and a water lily that is worth up to 250 coins when you get 5 in a row.

The lower value symbols are 10-A symbol, designed with an Oriental calligraphy style, and they payout between 10 and 200 coins.

Three special features can occur on any spin.

  1. Mega Coin: This is a 3x3 golden coin with a Chinese dragon etched on it. When it appears on the reels, you will have a guaranteed win
  2. Dragon Coin: This is the same Chinese Dragon coin as the Mega Coin, but it’s the size of a single symbol. Typically, they appear on the reels in bunches, and when you see them, they will spin around a few times, revealing different matching symbols, until they eventually land a single symbol. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, it does increase the chances of winning significantly.
  3. Dragons: There are two stone dragons, one on each side of the reels. In addition to enhancing the design of the reels, these dragons can come to life, and breath fire onto the symbols on the board. Instead of burning the symbols, these fire breathing dragons will transform the symbols into matching symbols to create guaranteed wins for you.

One of the nice gameplay features that are included in this game is a fully customisable autoplay option. This allows punters to not only decide how many consecutive games to play in a row but also to set a Loss Limit or a Win Limit.

Lastly, there is a History option; this allows you to take a look back at how many spins you’ve played, what the outcomes were and more.


Red Tiger Software did a great job in designing Dragon’s Luck for both desktop and mobile. There is no software to download, just log on to your account on either desktop or mobile devices, do a search for Dragon’s Luck and click Real Play.

The game plays the same on the mobile and desktop devices, with fun sound effects and cute animations, especially when you get the Dragon Coins on the reels. While you can play the game with your mobile device in both horizontal and vertical modes, the game doesn’t go full screen.


This online slot game is only available for real money punters. You can start playing today by opening an account and making a deposit through any of the payment methods that are accepted by the cashier.

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If you’re a fan of Oriental games, you should definitely check out Dragon’s Luck. The 1,380 jackpot is enough of a draw for most punters, even though there is no bonus spin or second screen bonus feature.

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