Play the Age of the Gods Fate Sisters at UK

The thread of life and the trio of sisters that control its path, are the theme for the latest addition to the Age of the Gods franchise – Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters. This five reel online slot has the same look and feel as its mythical bedfellows and shares the same progressive jackpot pool.

Also known as the Moirai, the Fate Sisters are Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. These sister deities are the incarnations of destiny and life. It was said that three days after a child was born, they would visit the house to determine the child’s fate and life.

Clotho would spin the thread of life, Lachesis would draw lots to determine the length of the thread and life. Finally, Atropos would wield the shears, cut the thread, and choose the manner of a person’s death. The Fates determined the lives of both the Gods and mortal men.

Will You Weave Your Way to a Win Playing the Age of the Gods Fate Sisters at UK?

The Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters online slots has 25 paylines. You can choose how many to play with each spin on the game’s main screen. You can also activate both turbo mode and autoplay and choose your line bet value here.

Visually, the game has the same 1980s Clash of the Titans flavour. The audio is the usual blend of celestial strings and harps. If you are familiar with the franchise, you will enjoy this game. The online slot’s icons include each of the three sisters, as well as a bobbin of thread and the dreaded shears.

A golden frieze of the trio is both the game’s wild and 10,000x jackpot. The scatter is an illustration of the heavens. Three or more of these will trigger the start of the Fate’s Portal free games. If you land each of the sisters on reels 1, 3, and 5, you start the Sister’s Gift Feature. The ladies are locked and you get a free spin.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: Play the Age of the Gods Fate Sisters at UK Today

The Fate’s Portal free games gives you three different bonus round options. If you choose Atropos’s Temple, you get 15 free games with a dynamic multiplier. Land Atropos again on reel 3 and you trigger three more free games.

Lachesis’s Temple gives you ten free games with locking wilds. Once again, hitting Lachesis on reel 3 gets you three more free games. Finally, Clotho’s Temple is eight free games with random wilds. Clotho on reel 3 gets you three more free spins.

Finally, the Fate Sisters slot is linked into the Age of the Gods Jackpot. This progressive pool features four tiered jackpots and is triggered randomly, as long as you are playing at the online casino for real money. You can sample the game for free in practice mode at UK but if you want a crack at the progressive jackpot, it’s real money only.

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Good luck, have fun, and may the Fates show you good fortune.