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Roulette Pro is at heart a simple roulette game, but with various professional-style betting options which allow you to select particular combinations of numbers on which to place your bets. As well as playing for real money, UK allows you to try the game for free, with no deposit required. Roulette Pro is a variation on the single zero French style roulette table, but it has been optimised for Online Casino gameplay. The controls are simple and it has a streamlined appearance, and this has helped it become one of the most popular online roulette titles, not just amongst the eponymous pros who know their way around the expert options, but also with beginners.

Play like the professional you always knew you were!

The main difference between Roulette Pro and other Online Roulette games is the presence of the so-called "Call Bets". The get their name because in a traditional casino roulette game you would call out to the croupier in order to let him know the bet you want to place. When playing Roulette Pro this is even more simple to do; you can just click one of the options from the special "Call Bet" menu and select the one which you want to place. The "Call Bets" are placed on certain combinations of numbers which get their names from the positions which they occupy on the wheel, often in relation to the zero. So there are the "Voisins du zéro", the 'neighbours' which are close to zero, the "Tier", which is short for "le tiers du cylindre", i.e. the numbers in the 'third' of the wheel which are opposite the zero, and the "Orphelins", or the 'orphans', which do not fall into either category. Another potential wager is the "Final Bet" which involves all of the slots on the wheel which end in the same number, for example 2, 12, 22 and 32. Or you could even bet on the neighbours of any number on the wheel, not just zero.

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Roulette Pro is suitable for any player, but because of the way it caters for these special techniques it's particularly popular with experienced players who like to combine multiple wagers rather than putting all their weight behind a single number. That said, we wouldn’t blame anyone who was new to Online Casino Games but who couldn’t wait to try out playing like a true professional – in fact, we’ve even got a helping hand for these new starters in the form of an exclusive bonus which could be worth up to £3,200. So don’t hang around, come for a spin with us!