Play Buster Blackjack Online at UK

With payouts of up to 2000x your stake to play for, special side bets and all the usual ways to win Buster Blackjack is a relatively new variant of blackjack online and is quickly growing in popularity among online casino players. We offer Buster Blackjack at UK 24/7, for complete accessibility, and you can choose free Practice Mode versions of the game or to play for real money. As well as big win potential, you can also make your bankroll grow before you even deal with an online casino bonus such as our Welcome Bonus up to £100 for players joining our online casino and real money games today!

The Special Buster Blackjack Bets

The fun and potentially rewarding Buster Blackjack bet can be made on the side, along with your regular online blackjack bets. Available at the beginning of the round when each hand is dealt, and before you hit Deal, the outcome of this bet is decided when the game round ends, once the dealer’s hand has been revealed and played. Your special Buster bet will pay out when your online blackjack dealer totals 22 and above, going bust. If the dealer does not go bust, your extra bet loses. Buster Blackjack payouts are reliant on the number of cards the dealer had when he went bust. And if you land a Blackjack hand, you will gain extra winnings also. The payout structure for this bet works like this:

  • Dealer goes bust with 3 or 4 cards: 2-1
  • Dealer goes bust with 5 cards: 4-1
  • Dealer goes bust with 6 cards: 18-1
  • Dealer goes bust with 7 cards: 50-1
  • Dealer goes bust with 8 cards or more: 250-1
  • Dealer goes bust with 7 cards and player has Blackjack hand: 800-1
  • Dealer goes bust with 8 cards or more and player has Blackjack hand: 2,000-1

How to Play Buster Blackjack at UK

Played with six decks, Buster Blackjack shares most of its setup and betting structure with standard online blackjack games. The deck is shuffled after every hand for ultimate fairness. You use the betting area to indicate your bets and click on the chips to indicate the size of your wager – you can also place your special side bets before hitting Deal. You receive two face up cards, hit, split and stand as required, and your aim is to beat the hand of dealer. You can also take insurance and double down like any other blackjack online game – but the unique additional bet means that if you make the Buster side bet, you can beat the dealer twice in a single game with Buster Blackjack for an extra big payout!