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Progressive jackpots grab the attention of players all around the world. With the jaw-droppingly large prizes that are on offer, players in Ireland are often on the lookout for the next great progressive slot to play. The jackpot for a progressive slot is put together through accumulating a small portion of every stake that players wager with their spins. The individual players’ games are then linked to a giant network where the jackpot is collated.

Here at IE, we always endeavour to make sure that our players are the most well-informed and knowledgeable around. In order to help with this, we’ve put together everything you need to know about progressive jackpots in this guide.

Our Top 10 Progressive Jackpot Slots

Our selection of progressive slot titles is the most impressive on the market right now, and all slot players in Ireland are well served when it comes to progressive slots at IE. While our range of titles is large, it also boasts great quality. We’ve put our favourite titles into a Top 10 list so that you can jump right in with some of the best games around.

Here’s the list of our personal top 10 progressive jackpot slots:

  1. Gold Rally: Gold Rally is one of the older progressive slots on the market, however it still packs a mean punch to this day. With the jackpot triggered by filling the reels with scales, it gives players a simple visual aid to help with their journey to a big win.
  2. Justice League: This licenced progressive slot is based on the superheroes that make up the DC Universe. Players have access to 4 different progressive jackpots, all of which can be triggered at any time during the game. When activated, the game board will be filled with symbols, all of which fill up one of the jackpot bars. When a jackpot bar is filled to the brim, the prize is paid out.
  3. Great Blue Jackpot: Great Blue Jackpot offers players some excellent features within the base game. However, it really comes to life when the four progressive jackpots are randomly activated.
  4. Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters: Age of the Gods is one of the most famous progressive slot series in our industry. It has spawned a huge number of sequels and this is just one of many Age of the Gods slots on this list. The jackpot is triggered totally at random, with higher stakes providing a higher chance of unlocking it.
  5. Gladiator Jackpot: Based on the famous film of the same name, this is a jackpot slot that’s plenty of fun for players in Ireland. The progressive jackpot game launches when the 3 reels in the middle all land a helmet symbol. This will start up a “picker” game that awards the top jackpot if players can successfully pick 9 golden helmets.
  6. Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom: The Goddess Athena is the basis for this progressive slot in the Age of the Gods series. It is also a randomly-triggered progressive where bigger stakes mean better odds.
  7. Age of the Gods: Furious Four: Prometheus, Atlas, Pandora and Apollo make up the titular 4 in this game. The progressive jackpot is triggered at random, and again wagering larger amounts gives players a slightly better likelihood of winning.
  8. Age of the Gods: This is the original game in the Age of the Gods series. Despite being one of the older progressive jackpots on the market, it's still one of the most popular. The jackpot will appear at random.
  9. Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas: Another of the Age of the Gods titles and this time it is centred around King Midas. As he makes everything turn to gold, so can you make your dreams come true if you manage to trigger the progressive jackpot.
  10. Age of the Gods: God of Storms: This progressive slot is based around Poseidon, the God of the seas. It has a randomly triggered jackpot that can award life-changing wins - as per all the other Age of the Gods games!

Progressive Jackpot Record

Because more players have begun to enjoy progressive jackpot slots over the last decade or so, the value of potential wins has increased. This means that the world record for the largest pay-out has continued to get bigger and bigger as the years move on.

Currently the holder of the record for the biggest ever pay out is Mega Moolah. It’s held the title since the last quarter of 2018 when the Microgaming created slot paid out an incredible €18,915,872. This made it the biggest ever pay out from a progressive slot and put Mega Moolah back at the top of the pile.

Over the years, both Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune (another giant progressive, by NetEnt) have traded blows with one another in generating the biggest ever pay out. The previous record that Mega Fortune had set was €17,861,800. It’s still an absolutely incredible win, of course, but not quite on the same level as the most recent Mega Moolah pay out.

These two games have both jumped ahead of each other in recent times, and it’s only a matter of time before a new record is set. Whether it will be one of these games or whether a new contender will emerge from the shadows is yet to be seen. We could even see the much-dreamt-of €20,000,000 barrier broken for the next giant progressive payday for one very lucky player.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Players who play standard video slot games might be aware of what a jackpot is, but unaware that a progressive jackpot is somewhat different. In a standard video slot, a jackpot can be set and only that fixed maximum amount can be won. A progressive slot offers the potential for much bigger pay outs - but how?

Put simply, it’s because every single player in the world who plays on a specific progressive game is contributing to the total jackpot. A small percentage of every stake goes towards making up the pay out that is on offer. This means that every time you load up your favourite IE progressive slot and play, you will be pushing up the potential win for you and everyone else who is enjoying the title.

There’s no upper-limit for any progressive slots: the jackpot just keeps building and building. This offers a lot of appeal to players in Ireland and across the world. Progressive slots also have regular gameplay and wins just like a normal video slot, though they tend to be lighter on special features - the progressive jackpot is the real prize.

The Age of the Gods series of slots offer some of the best progressive titles here at IE. Because players from Ireland will be contributing to a huge single progressive jackpot across a wide number of games, its value climbs extremely fast and to epic proportions!

Do Progressive Slots Affect the Outcome of Normal Slot Games?

No, they don’t. When playing a progressive jackpot game, you will be able to access all of the standard bonuses and pay outs programmed into the game. At the same time, however, you will also have a chance of getting the progressive jackpot - no matter how well or poorly your base game performance is. So, although the two “games” are linked, they don’t have an impact on each other.

The reason behind this is that the progressive jackpot is seen as a different entity to the base game, even though it’s accessed through the game. The jackpot is activated randomly based on a behind-the-scenes calculation, while the standard game pay outs are all activated based on which paylines the symbols land on. Even games that use the reels to activate that progressive jackpot still have to carry out calculations across the network before it can be awarded.

What’s the Difference Between a Progressive and Non-Progressive Jackpot?

The main difference is the pay out that’s on offer. Theoretically, a progressive jackpot has no upper limit and can keep building up forever. However, on a non-progressive jackpot the limit is set from the outset and can never go above (or below) that level.

Of course, a progressive jackpot is also made up of all the bets of all the players wagering on the game. If everyone in the world stopped playing Mega Moolah, the jackpot would never increase! Conversely, the more people play (and the more they wager) the bigger the jackpot will get.

Progressive Slot Non-Progressive Slot
The maximum win can increase infinitely - in theory. The jackpot is fixed from the get-go.
Every wager that you make contributes to the jackpot. The wagered amount doesn’t affect the available jackpot.
The jackpot is often a random event rather than being linked to the reels. A normal video slot is a standalone game that doesn’t have to communicate with other iterations of the same game.

Mobile Experience

If you want to play on-the-go then IE is the place for you - we make it easy! We make it simple for players in Ireland to easily gain access to their favourite progressive slot games through their mobiles or tablets.

With perfectly scaled visuals, optimised to allow for the full gameplay experience on smaller devices, and the ability to seamlessly play in portrait or landscape mode, our mobile casino offerings are second to none. No matter how you like to play, we make sure that it’s a top-class experience - right here at IE. All you need is an internet connection and you can play wherever you are, whenever you want. Try out our mobile casino today.

Help and Support

If you’re struggling with the range of progressive slots, we have on offer at IE, or you have some specific questions about gameplay or pay outs, then there are two really easy ways for you to get the help you need.

Whether it’s an issue understanding the rules, or something that requires a resolution, check out the following options:

  • In game help menu: When playing a progressive video slot, your first port of call should be the in-game help menu. Here you will be able to find out everything you need to know when it comes to the rules of the game, pay outs, game mechanics - the works. If you’re having issues just open up the menu and there is a good chance the solution will be there.
  • Customer Support: If you have an issue that the in-game menus cannot solve, then you should knock on the door of our delightful customer service agents. Here at IE we make sure you have access to the best customer service around. We offer a round the clock service across email, live chat and phone to our customers.


Progressive jackpots can often be confusing to players who are used to traditional video slots. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help Irish players work through any potential problems they might have. Here are a few of the most common questions we’re asked when it comes to progressive slots:

1. How do progressive jackpots work?
      a.    The way that progressive jackpots work is quite simple. All of the specific games are linked together over a network, and whenever a player spins the reels on their game, anywhere in the world, a percentage of their stake will be added to the jackpot total. This keeps increasing until the jackpot is won and then the process starts all over again.

2. How are progressive jackpots paid?
      a.     The software developer for the progressive jackpot has a pot put aside for pay outs. This means that the usual withdrawal limits are not in place when a progressive jackpot is won at IE - instead, it is paid out as a lump sum.

3. How to win progressive jackpots online?
      a.    Tips for playing progressive slots are quite limited. The only real strategy is to use bankroll management and to play the highest stake you can afford - this will usually give the best chance of activating the progressive jackpots.

4. How can you find progressive jackpot games?
      a.    The full range of progressive jackpots we offer at IE is available here.

5. What types of progressive slot games are there?
      a.    Progressive slots cover every genre of games as well as gameplay styles. Look through what’s on offer to see what options tickle your fancy.


With huge wins as well as exceptional gameplay, progressive slots are one of the most enjoyable online games on the market. And since IE players are treated to some of the highest paying progressive slots of all time, there’s always the opportunity for a life-changing win. Playing with us at IE is the best all-round choice for Irish players looking to win big.