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18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


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2) The user must be from a permitted jurisdiction
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Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate. It is the player’s responsibility to comply with their local laws regarding online gambling.

European Roulette is a traditional game variant, played with a 37-slot wheel that contains just a single zero (0). The game offers multiple betting options, with both single number (straight up) and multiple number bets, boasting payouts of up to 35x your stake. When you play European Roulette, there are additional variations available for our international players, such as Live and Premium games. And with only the best software providers and incredible graphics and animations, as well as fully mobile optimised games, when you choose to play at, you’re guaranteed to love the experience offered by the world’s best online European Roulette casino.


European Roulette is a classic-styled wheel game with a 37-slot wheel and all the standard Inside and Outside bets you’d expect, in a convenient online format that can be played at home or on the move. The fun lies in the betting options, which range in even money payouts to 35:1.

To play, select your table, click on the chips to indicate the size of your bet, and then place your chips on the board to specify the bets you are wagering. Each click will add an additional chip, while holding shift with a click will remove a chip if you’ve changed your mind. Once the bets are in place and you’re happy, hit the Spin button to start the wheel spinning and wait for the ball to settle to see the outcome of your game.

All wins are clearly highlighted on your screen and every winning bet will be paid - your total wins will be calculated by our software and awarded to you immediately.

Each of our Roulette games has a game-specific “help” menu that details all the important information you need about that particular game, including rules, payouts, win combinations, etc. Read our Help and Support section further down the page for more details on this.


You win a payout when one of your bets match the winning outcome of a wheel spin; if multiple bets match, you will win on each bet placed. When it comes to the payout amount, a typical rule to follow is that the harder the bet is to hit, the higher it pays out. The easier it is, the lower the payout.

For example: red/black, low/high, odds/evens have just under 50% chance of winning and so they pay even money. Whereas a straight up bet of 1 number is more difficult to hit, so its payout is 35:1.

For an explanation on how to see specific odds and payout numbers for each game, please view the Help and Support section further down the page.


RTP is a shortened way to say ‘Return to Player’ and this refers to the amount of money returned to players as winnings over a period of time. The fact that European Roulette has only a single zero (0) slot on its wheel means that its RTP for players is more generous than that of American roulette.

The RTP of European roulette is 97.3%. This means that over time, for every $100 wagered, $97.30 will be returned as winnings to players choosing to play that game.

Please note: the RTP amount includes all players and all wagers over the given time period, and does not mean that this is what any individual player will experience every time they play.


As discussed above, European Roulette has only a single zero (0) on its wheel, so the chances of your bet being beaten by a zero are reduced, compared to American roulette. The reduced house edge is seen as a huge advantage by many players and is one of the main reasons they choose to play European Roulette.

In addition, there are special trio bets (0-1-2 or 0-2-3) and basket bets (0-1-2-3) that are only available on European and French roulette tables, which adds to the variety and excitement.

Inside Bets

Straight Up (1 Number)35:1
Split Bet (2 Numbers)17:1
Trio Bet (3 Numbers)11:1
Street Bet (3 Numbers)11:1
Corner Bet (4 Numbers)8:1
Line Bet (6 Numbers)5:1
Basket Bet (4 numbers)8:1

Outside Bets

Dozen (12 Numbers)2:1
Column Bet (12 Numbers)2:1
Red/Black (18 Numbers)Evens
Even/Odd (18 Numbers)Evens
Low/High (18 Numbers)Evens
Four Number Bet8:1


When it comes to European Roulette strategy, its best to start with the betting structure. You need to learn your bets so you know them by heart, so you can make sure you’re not placing counter bets by accident and in turn, lowering your edge against the house.

Next up; money management is key. Start by taking note of the table limits so that you can bet at the right level for your bankroll. If you want to play a game with stakes of just $0.01, for instance, you need a table that accepts bets this low – table limits are clearly visible for each game.

There are additional limits to consider where your money is concerned, as you also need to make sure that you have a strategy in place for the way you bet. This means how much you spend but also how you treat your winnings. Do you see your winnings as part of the fun and additional playing time, or do you collect and let them add up as profit? Plan your strategy and stick to it to get the most from your game.


We offer bonuses that are tailor-made for table games players, and our latest offers can be viewed on our Promotions Page – we recommend you check them out before you hit the tables, in case there’s a bonus that suits your gaming style and bankroll. We continuously update our offers, with a variety of bonus types to avail of, whether you’re a new or returning player. To learn more, visit our Casino Bonuses page for detailed info on all our bonus types and wagering requirements.


The game is played online, using either a desktop or mobile device. Simply open an account and log in to get started.

The house edge is 2.70% and this is significantly better than the 5.26% offered by American Roulette tables.

Yes. Our games are subject to a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is 3rd party and ensures completely random outcomes every time for the safest, fairest gaming possible.

French RouletteThe wheel layouts used are the same but French Roulette has extra rules and bets and the table layout and language is in French.

Yes. Our fully mobile optimised games provide the best mobile gaming experience – fast action, crisp graphics, easy to read and navigate – it’s the same as your desktop, only more convenient and portable.

The odds are more favourable than those of American Roulette tables because of the single zero. The additional double zero on the American wheel reduces the players’ odds and increases the house edge.

Yes, it is a classic game, following standard rules and setup.

You create an account at and then add funds into your bankroll using one of our many internationally recognised deposit method options. Then, you choose your table, specify your bet amount and bets, and hit Spin.


Playing our range of European Roulette games is fun and exciting – but sometimes help is needed. Don’t worry – we always have help at hand so you can relax into your game and enjoy the fun. If you do find yourself with an issue or query, there are 2 ways to get the assistance you need:

  • In-Game Help Menu: once you have selected a game and have moved to the table, there is a ‘hamburger menu’ in the top left and inside that, there is a ‘Help’ menu where you will find all the important information you might need about your chosen game e.g. statistics, game rules, betting options and variations, table/betting limits, and payouts.
  • Customer Support: you also have our professional Customer Support team available 24/7 to answer any other questions or concerns via email, live chat or telephone. With excellent knowledge and a friendly approach, you’ll be in good hands.


With improved player odds, exciting bets with many ways to win, big payout potential, and state-of-the-art software on desktop or mobile, there’s plenty to love when you play our European Roulette games. To get your piece of the action and enjoy everything we have to offer, including casino bonuses, 300+ casino games, and incredible Customer Support, open your account at today.