Play Mini Roulette Arcade Game Online at Ireland

Using the same kind of format as the original game, but in a miniaturized version, the Mini Roulette wheel is numbered from 0 to 12 instead of the usual 0-36 numbers. Only created for and available at online casinos, this game offers you a unique arcade games online experience, every time you log in and play. Enjoy the quality graphics and smooth animations, the atmospheric sound effects and range of betting opportunities whether you play on download or flash software.

A great choice for seasoned online Roulette fans and newbies alike, our Mini Roulette games at Ireland offer you a faster-paced online casino games version of this classic game, alternative betting choices, multiple to ways to win – and a 100% up to €400 Welcome Bonus + 200 free spins for all new players!

Game Rules & Getting Started

Kick off the game by choosing your bet amount and placing your bets on the table to indicate what wagers you are placing. Each time you click on a chip, it will increase your bet amount; to remove chips when you’ve made a mistake, either click again to remove one chip at a time or use the Clear All function to start over.

Although the wheel has less numbers so the field is smaller, you still have lots of betting options when you play our Mini Roulette game. You can bet on single numbers, pairs of numbers, sets of numbers and ranges of numbers, as well as odds, even, and colours. Place your bets by clicking on the designated area of the table for your chosen bet, and if you want to increase your spread, you can place multiple bets in any one round.

When you’re ready to play, click the Spin button and watch the wheel turn and then settle. The game is over when the ball stops in one of the numbered slots, and this decides the outcome of the game and whether you have won a payout. Winnings are paid directly to your bankroll, and the game resets to begin another betting round.

Winning & Payouts

When you play Mini Roulette, you can win anything from even money up to 11x your stake. Some of the bets and their payouts are as follows:

Straight: bet on a single number to win 11x your original stake

Split Bet: bet on two numbers to win 5:1

Street Bet: bet on three numbers to win a payout of 3:1