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Discover top-rated CT online casinos! Enjoy diverse games, lucrative bonuses, and secure play. Find your favorite casino for an immersive gaming experience.


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate. It is the player’s responsibility to comply with their local laws regarding online gambling.


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


1) The user must be identity verified
2) The user must be from a permitted jurisdiction
3) The welcome bonus is only claimable once per household.

Connecticut is a vibrant hub for online gaming, featuring various options for those who enjoy online casinos. With this comprehensive page, get all the information you need about Connecticut’s online gambling scene, the latest bonus offers, casino reviews, and more.

Comparing the Best CT Online Casinos

The online gaming world is constantly evolving and shifting in Connecticut, and many options exist for users nationwide. As 2024 begins, CT will continue to grow into an exciting online casino community. Here are some key features to consider when selecting an online gambling operator for casino games in Connecticut.

🟧Welcome Bonus

Any type of gambling online involves chance, but a welcome bonus guarantees some money landing in your account. These offers are a quick way to distinguish the best providers from the less desirable ones in Connecticut, as an attractive welcome bonus can start a user out on a strong note. Remember that most welcome offers come with strings attached, so read the fine print before signing up for any new accounts.

🟧Game Variety

Many users want a choice when it comes to their online casino. Ensuring a diverse set of games available with a given company’s platform can be an important factor in selecting a preferred online casino.

🟧Return To Player (RTP) Rates

Volume online gamblers in Connecticut know it is important to understand each game’s long-term RTP rates. The differences between the casinos might seem small but can mean the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars in returns.

🟧Promotions and Loyalty Programs

After a welcome bonus, an online casino offers promotions and other features to entice users to play. These promotions are often tied in with loyalty programs, which can offer rewards as a user accesses a platform more and more.

Top Online Casinos in Connecticut

So far, Connecticut has allowed for just two online casino operators in the state. Luckily for players, they are two of the more recognized brands in the online gambling world: FanDuel and DraftKings. Here are online casino reviews for the state’s two online casinos.

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Casino

Working in partnership with the large in-person casino Mohegan Sun, FanDuel Casino offers a wide variety of games for residents of Connecticut. A Connecticut-specific mobile app allows a seamless online gaming experience with Mohegan Sun and FanDuel.

🟩Highlights: Strong brand backing, live dealer games, 24/7 support options

🟩App Store Rating: 🍎Apple - 4.8/5 🤖Android - 4.7/5

🟩Payout Speed: Withdrawals processed in 2-4 days

🟩Read More: FanDuel Casino Review

Deposit $10, Get 200 Bonus Spins & Get Up to $1000 Back

How We Picked the Best Connecticut Casinos Online

Identifying the best casino to play online in Connecticut can be a meticulous process, as every player has different priorities regarding their experience. Here are a few of the main factors we considered when choosing the top CT online casinos.

🟪Bonuses and Promotions

These often are the easiest ways to separate online casinos, as each tends to have slight variations in their welcome bonuses and promotions. Check out the promotions page of any online casino you select to get an initial sense of what they offer.

🟪Banking and Payout Speed

The speed with which money is transferred is vital, especially for users who frequently add and withdraw money from their accounts. Each casino should have a full breakdown of how long each method will take for deposits and withdrawals.

🟪Software and Games

Choose an online casino with various games and options from quality companies that you can understand and succeed in without a struggle.

🟪Security and Trust

A secure experience is vital in online casino play, as there are bad actors all over the internet. The best online casinos will have a trustworthy process and demonstrate their integrity.

🟪Mobile App Experience

One of the main draws of an online casino is the ability to play from anywhere right on your smartphone or mobile device. Both of Connecticut’s casinos have iOS and Android mobile applications.

🟪Customer Support

The online casinos that offer 24/7 live support can make or break an experience for a user. Many users tend to access online casinos outside of traditional business hours, so casinos without support at those times won’t be able to help you with any issues at off-times.

Best Connecticut Online Casino Bonuses

With only a few licensed online casinos in the state, Connecticut gamers should always be on the lookout for the best bonus offers available. Even past the welcome bonus, these casinos will regularly have promotions designed to put some money in your wallet and get you in the game.

Bonus TypeDescriptionTypical Value
💰No deposit bonusesAs the name says, these bonuses come without a deposit and can be free spins or bonus funds from the casino.$10-$30
💰Deposit matchMost CT online casinos will have an initial deposit match up to a certain threshold, often $1000 to $1500.Varies (e.g., 100% match)
💰Free spinsFor some casino games, CT online casinos will offer extra spins for free to give you extra chances on a specific game.Varies
💰Second chance opportunitiesSome casinos will have second-chance bonuses that return your lost money on an initial bet as bonus credits.Varies

How to Claim an Online Bonus in CT

Taking advantage of these online bonuses requires signing up at an online casino. Here are the most important steps to get set up.

  1. Provide personal information: When signing up for an online casino, details like your legal name, age, address, and other identifying info will be required in most cases.
  2. Create username and password: These will be your login credentials for the casino, so ensure you enter info that won’t be hard to remember.
  3. Meet eligibility requirements: Users must be at least 21 years old and within the state borders to participate in online casino games.

CT Online Casino App Rankings

Of course, many online casino users play most of their games on mobile devices. Check out our below rankings and breakdowns of what online gaming users in CT should expect from the mobile apps available in the state.

Safety of Connecticut Gambling Apps

Users want to ensure a secure and pleasant experience on whichever platform they choose when using their money and entering personal information to create an account.

Casino AppSecurity Features
⭐Mohegan Sun/FanDuelStrong authentication adds an extra layer to the login process by texting a code to an authorized phone number for each platform user.
⭐Foxwoods/DraftKingsTwo-factor authentication is required for all Connecticut online casino users.

CT Mobile Casino Apps vs. Desktop Experiences

Online casino play can be accessed on mobile apps for iOS and Android and a desktop computer. The experiences differ slightly between the two, so here is what we learned about the two access points.

AspectMobile appDesktop
🧑User experienceGames are easily accessible through smartphones, as Touch ID can enable easy sign-on.Full range of games and a wider display to allow for a more in-depth gaming experience.
🎲Variety of gamesMost games are available, although some might be impacted by the lack of space on a mobile screen.Every casino game is available and can be played to its full ability.
💰Bonuses and promotionsEvery promotion and bonus available in CT can be utilized on mobile.Desktop users also have access to the array of bonuses and promotions in CT.

How to Download and Install an Online Casino App

For those looking to enter the Connecticut online gaming landscape on a mobile device, here are the simple steps necessary to get started.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play: CT’s online casinos offer apps for iPhone and Android users.
  2. Sign up: Go through the standard registration process if you don’t already have an account. This will require some personal information, as mentioned above on this page, and the app will likely use geolocation technology to ensure you are within the state’s confines.
  3. Check permissions: Depending on your device’s settings, you might or might not want to enable notifications and other alerts. Remember not to disable the app’s ability to track your location while using it, as this is required by law to maintain your eligibility for playing.

Online Casino Games in Connecticut

Connecticut still has a small footprint in the online gaming world, but the state’s two online casinos have ample games available for use. Here are some of the most popular games currently on the market.

🎰Online Slots in Connecticut

The state’s online casinos have plenty of online slots available to its users. You can also get started at pretty low stakes with the online slots, and promotions and bonuses will also be tied in with slots.

🎰Online Roulette in Connecticut

Roulette is an obvious player choice for CT online casino players and is among the staples of the state’s best operators. Some also offer variations of the game from different cultures so players can get a variety of experiences.

🎰Online Blackjack in Connecticut

Another of the state’s most popular games, blackjack is available in a wide range of formats on CT online casinos. For example, vacation Blackjack and sports-themed versions of the game can be found on DraftKings.

🎰Online Live Dealer in Connecticut

Live dealer games add an element to the online gambling experience, allowing users to play games against other people and chat directly with a live dealer. This is the closest a user can get to the authentic experience of being at an in-person casino.

How to Sign Up for a Connecticut Online Casino

There are just a handful of steps that must be completed before any user can begin their online gambling experience in CT. Here are the highlights.

  1. Find your preferred online casino: The first step is to navigate to your desired casino's desktop or mobile platform.
  2. Begin the registration process: Find the button to sign up and begin entering your personal information. This will be used to verify your identity.
  3. Use SSN to authenticate: Part of the personal information required is a social security number. This might seem very personal, but it is a standard step in the sign-up process.
  4. Create username and password: These will be your login credentials for each platform.
  5. Opt for a welcome bonus: If your casino has a promotional code, enter it now. Accepting the terms and conditions of the casino will also be necessary before completing the process.
  6. Verify location: Once again, these platforms are only legal to users who are playing while within the state of Connecticut. The platform will use its software to check your precise location.
  7. Enter payment methods: Funds must be added to your account before you can begin playing. Choose your preferred options for deposit and withdrawal, and remember that there can be withdrawal delays with certain methods.

Connecticut Online Casino Payment Options

One benefit of using online casinos in CT is the vast array of methods you can use to fund your account. Here is a breakdown of each available casino payment method and what you should expect when choosing one.

Payment MethodDescription
💸Play+A prepaid debit card designed for immediate deposits and convenient withdrawals. Apply for a Play+ card on your casino account page with no fees. Fund it using a credit or debit card, and access winnings from ATMs or locations accepting Discover. Enjoy free enrollment and instant withdrawals to your Play+ account. Cash-out at ATMs, via electronic transfer to your bank account, or at the casino cage.
💸PayPalAnother common option is PayPal users can use whatever their linked method is through the application to deposit and withdraw money from their online casino account.
💸ACH/bank transferSome CT online gamers can use their personal banking accounts to transfer money to their account through a clearing house. Check the terms and conditions on your preferred platform before using ACH, as the rules can vary depending on the bank.
💸PayNearMePayNearMe is another third-party service accepted by most online casinos and sportsbooks in CT. You must sign up directly with PayNearMe to use it for your account.
💸Wire transferA common method for moving money between bank accounts electronically. Note that casinos might have a minimum deposit or withdrawal with a wire transfer.
💸Debit/Credit CardsTwo of the most common methods for deposit, Visa and Mastercard, are accepted by both online casinos. However, remember that these methods cannot be used to withdraw your money.
💸Cash at Casino CageFor those at a physical location, money can be deposited into your online casino at the Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods Casinos.

Connecticut Online Casinos and Local Partnerships

CT’s online casino operators are partnered with Tribal in-person casinos. Here are the tandems and when the physical locations first opened. Both online operators were launched on the same date, Oct. 19, 2021.

CasinoRetail PartnerOpening Date
⭐FanDuel🏛️Mohegan Tribe📰October 2021
⭐DraftKings🏛️Mashantucket Pequot Tribe📰October 2021

Responsible Gambling in CT

Getting started with online gaming can thrill any user, but it also comes with risk. When real money casinos become involved, people can get into precarious positions if they don’t play responsibly. The online component makes it even more important to know your limits, as accessing the platform from anywhere and not just inside a physical casino can be a dangerous game.

The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling has quite a few resources on its website for anyone who begins to feel like they have a problem reigning themselves in on a platform. Most casinos have self-exclusion policies, where users can add themselves to a list that bars them from wagering any money. 

Connecticut prioritizes responsible gambling, so take it upon yourself to follow safe practices around whichever games you are playing.

Sweepstakes Casinos as Alternatives

For those who want to play online casino games but would prefer to keep their money in their pocket. Sweepstakes casinos are a great option. These games use virtual currencies with coins or ‘sweeps” that can be acquired through various options. Here is a breakdown of the difference between the two online casino options in CT.

Real-Money CasinosSweepstakes Casinos
🤑Currency UsedReal currency (USD)Virtual currency (Coins or Sweeps)
⚖️LegalityRegulated, legal gamblingOperates under sweepstakes laws
💸Deposit MethodVarious, including credit cards, e-walletsPurchase of virtual currency packages
🎲Game VarietyExtensive, with real-money wageringDiverse options, emphasizing slots and casino games
🏆Winning & Redeeming PrizesReal-money winnings, redeemable through banking methodsSweeps winnings, redeemable for cash prizes or gift cards
💰Promotions & BonusesDeposit bonuses, loyalty programsFree Sweeps bonuses, regular promotions
🙋Player ExperienceAuthentic casino experienceSocial gaming atmosphere with virtual currency
🎯Target AudienceGamblers seeking real-money winningsPlayers looking for entertainment without monetary risk

Best Sweepstakes Casinos in Connecticut

Discover the top sweepstakes casinos in Connecticut, where thrilling gaming experiences and exciting opportunities to win real cash prizes await.


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


1) The user must be identity verified
2) The user must be from a permitted jurisdiction
3) The welcome bonus is only claimable once per household.


Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate. It is the player’s responsibility to comply with their local laws regarding online gambling.

Best Online Casinos in Connecticut: Recap

The online casino journey in Connecticut is still in its infancy and will continue to grow and evolve as the years go on, and more operators enter the state. Check out our highlights of the two online casino options for the state in the table below.

📅Launch DateOctober 2021October 2021
💡HighlightsA wide array of games, 24/7 customer support, strong welcome bonusExclusive games, user-friendly interface, backed by DraftKings
💰BonusUp to $1000 back on losses in the first 24 hours100% deposit bonus up to 2,000 in casino bonus funds
💸Payment MethodsDebit/Credit, ACH, PayPal, Play+, PayNearMe, cash at the cageDebit/credit, ACH, PayPal, Play+, PayNearMe, cash at the cage
🧑User ExperienceFast platform, authentic presentationReliable application, competitive
🎲Game LibrarySlots, table games, live dealer, and much moreVideo poker, Vegas slots, table games, live dealer and more
💁🏼Customer Service24/7 support options availableEmail support is available, but not 24/7
📱Mobile App FeaturesMohegan Sun-branded, few crashesFoxwoods-branded runs smoothly

Connecticut Online Casinos FAQs

The Mohegan Sun/FanDuel app is the top-rated option for online casino play in the state. Expect various games with real money stakes and a strong platform backed by FanDuel.

No. The only operational online casinos as of 2024 are FanDuel/Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods/DraftKings. This page will be updated as soon as new operators are approved to launch in Connecticut.

Yes. This is part of the identification approval process. Entering your social security number is an industry standard for setting up your account.

Yes. Online casino play has been legal in Connecticut since May 2021.

Definitely! The state regulates both legal online casino platforms in CT and has rigorous security measures to protect customers like you.

21 is the minimum age for online gambling in the state of Connecticut.

No. Users do not have to be legal residents of the state but must be located within its borders to be eligible to play any games.

Yes, Connecticut’s online casinos are fully licensed to operate in the state and are regulated by the state’s consumer protection division.

All of Connecticut’s online casinos are regulated by the state and licensed to operate. Offshore casinos do not have the same oversight, and any issues with getting money back will be much harder to resolve.

Connecticut’s online casinos have a mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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