Play Warlords – Crystals of Power Online Slots at NZ

Warlords – Crystals of Power is an online slot game that tells the story of three barbaric rulers. The Barbarian, the Priestess and the Samurai. There is a short movie intro that tells the tale of how each of the rulers received a priceless crystal, and now they must do battle to see who can take control of the land and keep the crystals.

Crystals of Power is a fixed 30 payline online slot game with multiple features such as free spins, final chances, battles, stacked symbols and more.

Bonus and Features at Warlords – Crystal of Power Online Slots

In addition to the traditional Wild symbol, which has all three gems in a gold encrusted ring, there is an overlay wild that can be awarded at random. There are 3 different kinds of overlay wilds, one for each Barbarian:

Barbarian Hammer Feature – Awards 4 Wilds

Priestess Arrow Feature – An arrow will shoot between 2-5 wilds anywhere on the reels

Samurai Sword Feature - A samurai sword will cut up the reels leaving 2-5 Wilds in its wake.

There are three scatter symbols, each with a banner that represents the different leaders. If you get 2 or more matching scatter symbols, you’ll win free spins. The banners have their own unique twist to the free spins, including the payouts and the symbols on the board.

When you get two non-matching banners, that’s when the battle really begin. The Barbarians will fight each other to see who can control the land, and after a winner is determined, the losers banner will transform to match the winners. Then the free spins will begin, with the rules favoring the winners.

If you just have 2 scatters on the board, a re-spin will automatically be activated, with the scatters sticking to their spot. You’ll need 3 scatters in order to activate the free spins. If the re-spin isn’t enough to trigger the free spins, you’ll receive one last chance to win the free spins. The Final Chance feature will either award an extra chance at the free spins or a payout ranging from 3-100 times your initial bet.

May the Best Barbarian Help You Win Real Money at NZ

At times watching the Warlords – Crystals of Power can feel like watching a blockbuster movie and not an online casino game. With ferocious beasts, warring barbarians and lots of drama, the game has something for everyone. Create a real money account at our online casino and enter into this great fantasy world and see if you have what it takes to bring home the fortune.