Play Innocence or Temptation Online Slots at New Zealand

When you play Innocence or Temptation online slot game at NZ you’ll have to make the decision of what is more important to you; winning big or winning often. This online slot game gives the player the choice to head to side of Innocence, which equals frequent wins, but with bigger payouts, or Temptation, which leads to bigger wins, but they come less frequently.

There is a slider on the top of the gameboard that allows to change your decision before every spin. If you choose Innocence then the background changes to a heavenly scene, while the Temptation side brings you down onto Satan’s level.

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Bonuses and Features at Innocence or Temptation Online Slots

Whether you’re playing on the good side or the evil side at the online casino there are plenty of bonuses and features that will keep you entertained while you figure out which side is best for you.

The symbol that has the “I” with a Halo and the “T” pitchfork will trigger 5 free spins when they land on the middle 3 reels. After each spin, you’ll have to choose 1 of 4 cards, each one reveals a different prize. It can be a multiplier that will increase your winnings based on the number hidden behind the card, there is a random cash prize that will be added to your bankroll at the end of the free spin round. An extra wild card will convert multiple symbols on the board into wilds, thereby significantly increasing your odds of winning. The final card contains a freeze on the free spin countdown, which means that for an unspecified amount of time you’ll be able to gain extra free games. There are also 2 super card that can turn all 10 and J symbols into either the Bar or A symbols, and that will last for the duration of the free spins.

There second bonus feature is a random bolt of lightning that can strike the middle reel, causing it to throw cash at you. There is no set time for how long the lightning strike will last r how much money you can win.

Do You want Innocence or Temptation?

It’s not often that an online casino game will give the players the chance to decide what kind of win is more important to them, and make changes with every turn. In order to see how you’ll handle this kind of decision, you’ll need to create an account at New Zealand and, using any of of convenient payment methods, make a deposit.

Now you’re set to see which is more beneficial, Innocence or Temptation?