Play Chinese Kitchen Slots Online at NZ

You never know what’s brewing inside those pots when you order something from the Chinese Kitchen! The one thing you can be certain of, though, is the fun and profitable experience you are going to have when you visit our jackpot New-Zealand casino online! So if you are up for some unusual takeout that might be iffy but some wins that are more than promising, head straight for these reels now!

A Different flavour in Chinese Kitchen

You may have gone out for dinner a hundred times before in your life, but those times were nothing like what you are about to partake in with this game. For one thing, Chinese Kitchen has nine reels and eight paylines, so it already has a different flavour than most of our other online slots. For another, there are some items on the menu that would definitely have you hard-pressed to define them as proper dining material! Regardless of what you think of the cooking, however, you are going to find the payouts as delectable as ever. After all, how often can you find a group of crabs that will dish out two hundred dollars to you? The biggest prize of them all, though, is the green-backed turtle. This little fellow will deliver one thousand greenbacks straight to your bankroll. How’s that for fast food? If you ask us, that’s definitely worth enduring the snails and other slimy critters on the menu for!

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