Play Bermuda Triangle Slot Machine today

Bermuda Triangle revolves around classic Online Pokies — with a twist. It’s based on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the North Atlantic Ocean where various transport vessels have gone missing over the years. This is an intriguing setting for a pokie, and the game leans into the legend with its pulpy logo and dramatic visuals. Bermuda Triangle is a well-designed slot in every respect, featuring that signature Playtech smoothness fans will recognize.

The game offers players the chance to scoop big wins and includes some distinctive payline management. Try Bermuda Triangle for yourself and see what you think at this Online Casino today.


The main features in Bermuda Triangle include the following:

  • Game Type: 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines
  • Return to Player (RTP): 96.73%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Provider:  Playtech
  • Theme: Urban legends
  • Release Year: 2016


The jackpot for Bermuda Triangle is 1,000 times your line bet. You can win this by landing three of the boat symbols on the fifth payline. This combination awards a high amount for three on a payline generally, but it only pays out the maximum amount on the fifth payline.


  • Coin size: The minimum coin size in Bermuda Triangle is NZD$0.01 and the maximum coin size is NZD$5.00. With five paylines in operation, the minimum wager is NZD$0.05 and the maximum wager is NZD$25.00.
  • Symbols: The symbols in Bermuda Triangle all feature vehicles and creatures you would expect to find in this mysterious area
  • Main: Boat, Plane
  • Standard: Shark, Octopus, Dolphin

All payouts in Bermuda Triangle are multiplied by the line bet

Symbol1 on a payline2 on a payline3 on a payline
Boat on Payline 1--400
Boat on Payline 2--500
Boat on Payline 3--600
Boat on Payline 4--700
Boat on Payline 5--1,000
Boat or Plane--100
Shark, Octopus or Dolphin--10

The gameplay in Bermuda Triangle is simple for players to understand, regardless of your personal gaming experience. The base game revolves around three reels with five paylines running across them. Fortunately, the game is designed to make creating wins easier, as there are very few symbols available.

On top of this, the boat and plane symbols can combine to create a win, as can the shark, octopus, and dolphin symbols. As a result, wins can be generated quite often when playing Bermuda Triangle. This almost gives it the feel of a lower-variance game, due to the regularity with which wins may come along.

There’s also the potential to grab a bigger payout with the boat symbol: whenever this fills a payline, it will create one of the bigger payouts in the game. Watch closely if it lands on the fifth payline, which runs from bottom-left to top-right: when three boat symbols land on this payline, the game will award the maximum payout in the game — 1,000 times your line bet.

Due to the smaller number of symbols present in Bermuda Triangle, it doesn’t mean that this is much easier to achieve than in other games that include a larger variety of symbols.


Bermuda Triangle has been converted for mobile play superbly. It loads on smartphones and tablets quickly, with no difference in speed between the desktop and mobile versions. The software developers have managed to maintain the visuals’ high quality even on smaller screens.

The lack of image stretching means that the graphics look the same no matter the size of the screen you’re playing on. If a good mobile version is important to you when playing slots, why not take a look at Bermuda Triangle at NZ?


Bermuda Triangle is a well-designed, slick slot game to play. It offers players the chance to claim some big wins, and the small range of symbols leads them to appear on the reels quite often. If you want a game with a few more features on show, you can always look at our slot page to find the right pokie for you.

You can browse all of the different video slot games ready to play — you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your playing preferences. We have the best portfolio of video slot games for Kiwi players, so it’s always worth your time to take a trip to NZ.