Play Bermuda Triangle Slots Online at NZ

A crash of lightning crackles through the air in a horrifying, electric flash. The radio screams for a minute and then goes dead. All the controls are locked in position, and nothing you do can make them respond. If this describes anything you’ve ever experienced, then you have been witness to the unexplained phenomenon called the Bermuda Triangle! Not to worry, you don’t have to go to those extremes to have the excitement that this uninviting locale offers. You can just head over to the crackerjack New-Zealand online casino of ours, and play the spinning reels option by this name! Want to live the thrilling adventure of the Bermuda Triangle (from a safe distance naturally)? Then follow us!

Bermuda Triangle Slots   Bermuda Triangle Slots   Bermuda Triangle Slots

Playing Bermuda Triangle Slots

Bermuda Triangle has an unusual setup that you might not have seen yet. You see, many online slots machines come with five reels and numerous paylines, between twenty and thirty on average. There are also classic single line options that have three reels for the beginners or the players who just want to take it slow. This version, however, comes at a sort of cross section between the two. There are only three reels and five paylines, and the limited real estate makes things both more fun and challenging at the same time. When you have fewer paylines available, you are limiting the amount of ground you can cover. That is one of the reasons professionals recommend playing with all the paylines activated when you participate in more varied games. This means you are going to be facing a greater challenging to come up with the symbols you want. On the other hand, because there is a smaller screen to work with, the odds are more in your favour than usual. One out of three is better odds than one out of twenty-five, for example. As such, you are going to probably stumble upon more wins more often, making the Bermuda Triangle a lot of fun to play!

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