Visa Payment Options in NZ

We are proud to be a Visa Casino. Visa was founded in 1958 and is one of the worlds preferred payment methods for both offline and online banking. So much so, that Visa allows you to make payments in over 150 countries. Visa is a credit card with layers of protection against lost or stolen cards and also fraud. Visa also has a special hotline for identity theft. You’ve got it covered. You can easily make deposits and withdrawals to New Zealand through your Visa.

As with other credit cards Visa payments can take around 3-5 days to enter into the merchants account. This means there will be a slight delay between depositing and playing our exciting games, a small price to pay for such a secure payment method!

Depositing Funds with Visa to Play at New Zealand

Now that you’re ready to start playing online casino games for real money, there is no easier method for depositing funds into your than by using your Visa card. The process is nearly identical to any other online purchase that you’ve made. You’ll first need to login to your account and head to the Cashier page. Here you’ll select Credit Card deposit and then select Visa from the options that are presented to you. Now all that’s left is to enter in your credit card details, including the expiry date and the CCV code, determine how much money you’d like to move over to your online casino and you’re all set. The maximum amount of funds that you can deposit in one day is $10,000 and the minimum transfer is $10.

Making a withdrawal is the same process, except instead of choosing how much money to deposit, you’ll have to decide how much to withdraw, and how much you want to leave in your account to continue playing with.

The first time you make a withdrawal you will need to send over some prods of ID before we can release the money to your account. Some options include a copy of your Visa card, with the first 4 and last 6 digits showing, a proof of address such as a utility bill and a photo ID. All of this is for your own protection and you can Email them us to speed the process along.

Advantages of Using a Visa Card to Deposit Funds at New Zealand

There are several advantages to using a Visa card to make your deposits over some of the other great payment methods that are available at our online casino.

  • Convenience – For many people, using a Visa is already the preferred method when it comes to making purchases, both online and off, so stick with what you know works.
  • Large deposit limit – As we mentioned earlier, the max deposit with a Visa card Is $10,000, this is a larger sum than you can transfer using E-wallet services
  • A line of Credit – The beauty of using a Visa card is that you can receive a line of credit, so if you know that money is coming your way, you don’t have to wait, and can start playing immediately.

Is it Safe to Make a Deposit Using a Visa Card?

Visa is one of the most recognizable names and reputable companies in the credit and money processing industry, and you don’t get to be that big without knowing how to protect your customer’s valuable data and information.

They follow the latest and greatest technology when it comes to their anti-fraud programs and every money transfer is encrypted with an unbreakable encryption to make sure that your money, or personal information don’t fall into the wrong hands.