Play Pinball Roulette at NZ

Pinball Roulette combines two well-loved games, roulette, and of course pinball. Playing this exciting game will take you back to the arcade games we used to play way back when with the ball bouncing off the bumpers as the wins grew. Since throwing a ball into a spinning roulette wheel and releasing a ball into a pinball machine are both somewhat random, mixing the two games together make a perfect fit. In fact, Pinball Roulette adds an extra dimension to a regular roulette game with its pinball Gamble game. Combining these two online casino games was simply a stroke of brilliance!

Playing Pinball Roulette at New Zealand

After you have placed your bet on the roulette table, the betting area will move to the right hand side of the screen. The pinball machine will open up. Press the Play button and the spring will be pulled back and the ball released. The little white ball will bounce around on the Pinball Roulette screen until it lands in one of the numbers that move across the bottom of the screen.

All the regular bets that are available in roulette are available. The game is almost the same as a regular roulette game except that instead of the ball being spun around the roulette wheel, it is released into the pinball machine.

Gamble Game for Pinball Roulette Winners

When you have won, you can win the chance to play a special bonus round. You can gamble your winnings by playing a bonus ball on the pinball machine. It is possible to win bonuses that will pay out up to 10x your original bet. Simply click on the Gamble button to begin the special Gamble game.

Play Pinball Roulette Now

You can play Pinball Roulette now at online casino New Zealand. Veteran players can simply sign in to their accounts, go to the Arcade Games section, and choose the free play option, or for the chance to win real prizes, make sure your accounts is funded and enjoy the added excitement of playing for real money.

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