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Playtech has created an exciting Game Suite that is designed around a fantasy world theme, called the Kingdoms Rise. There are several different lands in this world, and each one has its own unique slot game.

While the games are all unique, there are a few features that tie them together. The first is the multi-tiered jackpot that includes a daily, capped, and progressive jackpots. On the left-hand sidebar of each game is an interactive map that will allow Punters to quickly move around to different lands and easily explore the other titles

Finally, there is the Shop. While you play the game, you’ll come across free tokens on the reels that will be added to your total. You may use these tokens to purchase different features for each game.

Kingdoms Rise: Reign of Ice

Game Profile:

  • Game Type: 5-reels and 25-paylines.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.08% to 96.07%.
  • Volatility: Medium.
  • Themes: Magic, Fantasy.
  • Release Date: 2019


  • Win several progressive jackpots.
  • Hammer Wild feature.
  • Two unlockable respin features.
Reign of Ice   Reign of Ice   Reign of Ice

Reign of Ice Rules

  • Bet Sizes: You can bet as little as €0.10 and as much as €2,000 on the Kingdoms Rise: Reign of Ice slot. These bets span all 25 paylines, which pay from left to right, and you can change your stake incrementally using the “-“ and “+” symbols.
  • Symbols: This slot takes place in a frozen wonderland, with tough warriors, weapons, and gems. The biggest of these is the male warrior, the Barbarian, and this is followed by the female warrior, the Valkyrie, returning up to 300x and 250x respectively.
    • Standard: Warriors and Weapons.
    • Wild: Gem Wild.
    • Special: Ice Hammer Wild.
Symbol 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Male Warrior 75x 150x 300x
Female Warrior 50x 100x 250x
Axe 30x 60x 125x
Swords 25x 50x 100x
Mace 25x 50x 100x
Blue Gem 15x 25x 75x
Red Gem 15x 25x 75x
Purple Gem 10x 20x 50x
Green Gem 10x 20x 50x

Additional Bonus Rounds

The game’s main bonus feature can be unlocked during any spin, but there are two more you can purchase in the feature shop, using tokens accumulated by playing this game and other Kingdoms Rise titles.

  • Hammer Respins: Watch as the Ice Hammer Wilds get stuck on the reels and are then removed by the Barbarian and Valkyrie symbols. You can unlock this feature as you spin the reels or purchase it for between 400 and 1,500 tokens, depending on whether you opt for 1 Hammer or 4.
  • Barbarian Respins: This respin feature is available in the feature shop for 800 tokens and provides at least 3 spins, with additional Ice Barbarian symbols added to the reels.
  • Valkyrie Respins: A respin feature that can be bought for 1,000 tokens in the feature shop and is tied to the Valkyrie symbol, with a possible multiplier of 5x added to every spin.
  • Kingdoms Rise Jackpots: You can win 1 of several progressive jackpots every time you spin the reels on Reign of Ice. These jackpots are offered across all Kingdoms Rise titles. One must be won every day by a specific time, another must be won before it hits a specific amount, and the other can keep climbing until it is claimed.

Kingdoms Rise: Guardians of The Abyss

Game Profile:

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 paylines + Progressive Jackpot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.1%- 96.09%.
  • Volatility: Medium-High.
  • Themes: Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019.


  • Classic Paytable.
  • 3 Different Free Games Modes.
  • Special Gold Scatter.
  • 3 Shop Features.
Guardians Of The Abyss   Guardians Of The Abyss   Guardians Of The Abyss




Guardians of The Abyss Rules




The Guardians of the Abyss is a 25 payline slot game that pays out for all wins going from left-to-right. Start to play by choosing your stake and clicking on the spin button.  




  • Coins: Choose your stake by clicking on the + and - symbols in the Total Bet box. While the minimum bet is 10p and the maximum bet is £300, the line bet calculates the payouts. To calculate this bet, take your stake and divide it by 25.
  • Symbols: The three warriors in Kingdoms Rise are Odeon, Akali, and Jax and they make up the top 3 paying symbols. As the leader of the clan, Odeon is the top paying symbol with a max payout of 1,000 times the line bet. Akali and Jax have top payouts of 750x and 500x respectively. The medium-value symbols are the weapons of choice for each of the warriors, and the low-value symbols are precious stones in different shapes. You can see the complete paytable in the chart below.
    • Wild: The wild symbol is a crest with a “W” in the center of it, and it can replace any regular symbol on the board. Additionally, the wild symbol is the overall top paying symbol in this game, with a top payout of 1,250x.
    • Scatter: The shell is the game’s scatter symbol, and it can be found on reels 2, 3, and 4. When it lands on all 3 at once, it will trigger the Guardian Bonus round.




Symbol 2 on a payline 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Wild 20x 250x 750x 1,250x
Odeon - 200x 500x 1,000
Akali - 150x 300x 750x
Jax - 100x 200x 500x
Odeon’s Sword - 70x 120x 250x
Akali’s Knives - 50x 100x 200x
Jax’s Weapon - 30x 70x 150x
Pink Gemstone - 20x 40x 100x
Blue Diamond - 20x 40x 100x
Purple Gemstone - 10x 20x 50x
Light Blue Square Gemstone - 10x 20x 50x




Bonus Features: When you get a shell symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4 on a single spin, you will get a chance to play in the Guardian Bonus feature. Before the feature starts, the 3 shells will begin to spin, each revealing another piece of the bonus. The 1st shell will give a bonus wheel featuring all 3 characters. Whatever the wheel lands on is which of the 3 features you’ll play. The 2nd shell will let you know how many free games you can play, and the 3rd shell will determine the power of the feature.




  • Odeon Feature - The 3rd shell will determine how many Odeon symbols are added to the reels during this free spin feature.
  • Akali Feature - The 3rd shell determines how many wild symbols are added to the reel.
  • Jax Feature - The 3rd shell determines the multiplier that is added to any win that involves a wild symbol.




Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest







Game Profile:




  • Game Type: Grid (3-4-4-4-3 Layout) + Progressive Jackpot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.00% - 95.99%.
  • Volatility: High.
  • Themes: Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019.








  • 576 Ways to Win.
  • Frequent Features.
  • 1 Scatter Triggers.
  • 3 Shop Features.




Forbidden Forest   Forbidden Forest   Forbidden Forest




Forbidden Forest Rules




Thanks to the way the reels are set up, there are 576 ways to win n every spin. Instead of paylines, you’ll need for matching symbols to line up on adjacent reels, beginning with the first reel on the left.




  • Coins: There is a huge betting range in this game with the minimum bet per spin at 10p and the maximum bet £2,000. The payouts are based on the bets per line, which you can get b diving your overall bet by 10.
  • Symbols: 3 female warriors protect the Forbidden Forest, and they make up top paying symbols. The top-paying warrior is fighting with a sword, and she is worth up to 200x the line bet. She is followed by a warrior with a bow and arrow who has a top payout of up to 50x. The third warrior appears to be a sorceress, with a magic gemstone and a top payout of 35x the line bet. The 2 medium value symbols are a bear and a wolf, each with a top payout of 25x the line bet. The 5 lower value symbols are colourful gemstones, with a top pay range of 0x – 15x. You can see a complete paytable in the chart below.
  • Wild: The golden medallion with a green gemstone in the center is a wild symbol and can replace all regular symbols.
  • Scatter: The Golden Owl Mask is the games scatter symbol, and it can trigger the bonus symbol each time it lands on the reels.




Symbol 3x on Reels 4x on Reels 5x on Reels
Warrior with Sword 25x 75x 200x
Warrior with Bow 15x 30x 50x
Sorceress 10x 20x 35x
Bear 8x 14x 25x
Wolf 8x 14x 25x
Green Stone 2x 5x 15x
Pink Stone 2x 5x 15x
Dark Blue Stone 1x 3x 10x
Purple Stone 1x 3x 10x
Light Blue Stone 1x 3x 10x




  • Bonus Feature: There is just one feature in the Forbidden Forest, and it can be triggered when between 1 – 3 Owl Mask symbol land on the reels. You’ll receive 2, 4, or 12 respins depending on if you have 1, 2, or 3, symbols. During the respins, the Owl symbol will fly around the reels, and when they land, they will act like wild symbols. Owl feathers can land on reel 3, and when this happened, you’ll receive 2 additional respins.




Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury







Game Profile:




  • Game Type: Grid (3x5 Unique Reels with a special top row) + Progressive Jackpot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.25% - 96.23%.
  • Volatility: High.
  • Themes: Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019.








  • 6 Shop Features.
  • Respins Feature with re-triggers.
  • Extra top row, which unlocks features.




Sands Of Fury   Sands Of Fury   Sands Of Fury




Sands of Fury Rules




The Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury is a 20 payline slot game that pays out for wins going from left-to-right. It has an autoplay feature that allows you to play up to 100 straight games, provided you set a Loss Limit, for your protection.




  • Coins: While the minimum is bet is just 10p, all payouts are based on a 20 paylines. This means that you’ll have to divide each wager by 20 to calculate the payouts. Therefore the minimum bet per line is 0.5p per spin. The maximum bet isn’t as big as in the Forbidden Forest, but still an impressive £1,000 per spin.
  • Symbols: There are 5 characters in Sands of Fury. The Gold Queen is the top paying symbol with a max payout of 150x the line bet. She is followed by a warrior (120x) sorcerer (80x), females warrior with bow and arrow (80x), a battle lizard (60x). The 4 lower value symbols are colourful gemstones with top payouts of 16x or 20x. See the complete paytable in the chart below.
  • Wild: The wild can land on all 5 reels, and it will trigger the Wild Fury Feature. Read more about it in the Bonus Feature section.
  • Scatter: There is no Scatter symbol




Symbol 3x on Reels 4x on Reels 5x on Reels
Wild 100x 150x 250x
Gold Queen 80x 120x 150x
Warrior 60x 80x 120x
Sorcerer 40x 60x 80x
Female Warrior 20x 60x 80x
Lizard 20x 40x 60x
Pink Stone 8x 10x 20x
Purple Stone 8x 10x 20x
Blue Stone 4x 8x 16x
Green Stone 4x 8x 16x




  • Bonus Feature: Each time a wild symbol lands on the reels it will trigger the Wild Fury feature. On top of each of the reels in a stone image of one of the game's characters, the Wild that lands on the reel will transform to show these characters face. Just under the stone character is another reel that has 4 possible symbols on it, each with a different meaning for this feature.
    • Continue: The Blue star means that the wild will stay stuck on the reels for the next spin.
    • Character: All symbols on the board that match the wild character will transform to wild, and the reels will respin
    • 5 respins: Receive 5 free respins, and all character wilds are sticky.
    • Chain: This signifies the end of the feature.




The Map and its Functionality




On each of the themes there is a map icon that will let you quickly jump from game-to-game. You can quickly explore the entire Kingdoms Rise suite and get to know the characters. To jump to a different game, just click on the flag.




The map will also give you updates when new games are added to the Kingdom, features, and new additions to the shop. You can easily return to your original game by clicking the “X” button in the top right corner.




Kingdoms Rise Map




Game Tokens and Features Shop




The Kingdoms Rise game suite has its loyalty program or reward program that use Game Tokens.




Punters can use the tokens they earn to purchase advanced game features that will increase their odds of winning, from the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop. You can open the shop by clicking on the Shop button, located next to the Map button.




There are two main types of Game Tokens:




  1. Game Tokens - You can win Game Tokens while playing any games in the Kingdoms Rise game suite. Game Tokens can be added to the reels during any spin in the base game. Once the reels come to a stop, and tokens still on the reels will be added to your total. You can receive up to 5 Game Tokens on a single spin.

    Once you reach 300 tokens, the minimum amount needed to make a purchase, an on-screen animation will occur to let you know it’s time to visit the shop and purchase your first Kingdoms Rise feature.
  2. Pending Game Tokens - For every 2 Game Tokens, you’ll also receive a Pending Game Token (PGT). Pending Game Tokens can only be redeemed when you have a total 500 in your balance. Once the tokens are redeemed, they will be combined with your regular Game Tokens and can be used for purchases in the Features Shop.




You can view your PGT by clicking by entering the Shop and clicking the “info” button located just below the Game Token Balance.




Kingdoms Rise Shop




Progressive Jackpots




Every game in the Kingdoms Rise universe has 3 progressive jackpots that can be randomly triggered on any spin. Since these are jackpots are connected to the game suite network, they grow three times as fast as a progressive jackpot connected with a single game.




  • Daily Strike Jackpot: There is a countdown timer that expires at the end of each day, and this jackpot must pay out before the clock expires.
  • Power Strike Jackpot: This Jackpot has a capped prize and must payout before it surpasses this number.
  • Epic Jackpot: The largest of the progressive jackpots, it has no time limit and no cap.




The way the progressive jackpots work is a percentage of every bet is added to the jackpots. Progressive jackpot wins are randomly awarded, but you can increase your odds with higher bets.




* Available jackpots are dependent on the country from which you are playing.




Strategies and Tips




Understand that a higher bet doesn’t guarantee a win; it just helps. If you’re playing with a daily budget of £100 and you usually make £1 bet per spin, making 2 £50 bets is not the best strategy. Instead, you can double or even triple your bet, making it a bit larger than normal, but you’ll still have more chances at winning the progressive since you’ll have many more chances to play the game without going over your budget.

The second tip is to pay attention to the countdown timer in the Daily Strike Jackpot and the Bonus Cap in the Power Strike Jackpot. The longer you can hold off to start playing before the timers expire, the better your odds are of winning.




Bonuses and Free Spins




There is no better way to start playing new slot games than with Bonuses and Free Spins, and at IE, we can offer you these and more. We even offer game-specific bonuses and don’t be surprised if you find a bonus that is dedicated to the Kingdoms Rise suite of games.




To understand the different kinds of bonus options, check out the bonuses and the free spins pages, and for all the latest offers, make sure to check out the IE promotions page.




Software and Mobile Experience




The developer, Playtech, did a great job making sure that all the games in Kingdoms Rise look great on mobile devices. The buttons are optimized for the smaller screen sizes, you can open the menu by clicking on the Hamburger button, change the bets by clicking on the stake button, and the Shop and Map features are icons located to the right of the reels.

There is no additional software to download, just log in to your IE account, and as long as you have stable wifi or 4G/5G network, you shouldn’t experience any lagging or slot gameplay.




Final Word - Play for Real Money




Playtech has done a great job of designing and creating this game suite. What’s great is that Forbidden Forest, Sands of Fury, and Guardians of the Abyss are all excellent games on their own accord, with unique features, layouts and payouts. However, together, with the power of 3 progressive jackpots, they are even better.

The only way to play for real money and have a shot at the progressive jackpot is to register your online casino account and make a deposit.




  • Kingdoms Rise™: Reign of Ice
    Play for real
  • Kingdoms Rise™: Guardians of the Abyss
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  • Kingdoms Rise™: Forbidden Forest
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  • Kingdoms Rise™: Sands of Fury
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