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Inspired by the many fantasy epics that have graced our cinema screens over the last few years, Kingdoms Rise is an ambitious, extraordinary slot series that promises to take you on a thrilling, epic journey into a world of Playtech’s creation.

There are several slots in this action-packed series and all these can be played at ZA right now. But before you begin this enthralling journey and experience the enchanting visuals and enigmatic secrets within, take a look at our Kingdoms Rise slot guide. This is a complete guide to the Kingdoms Rise series and we promise to leave no stone unturned.

Kingdoms Rise: Reign of Ice

Game Profile:

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 25 payline video slot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.08% to 96.07%.
  • Volatility: Medium.
  • Theme: Magic, Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019


  • The Ice Barbarian respins can offer incredible wins.
  • The Hammer Respins can be activated both in store and in the base game.
  • The Kingdoms Rise Shop allows for three different features to be activated.
Reign of Ice   Reign of Ice   Reign of Ice

Reign of Ice Rules

  • Bet Sizes: Players can wager a minimum of 0.25 and a maximum of 500.00 when playing the Reign of Ice slot at ZA. This is made up of 1 coin per payline with a minimum value of 0.01 and a maximum value of 20.00.
  • Symbols: The high paying symbols are all based around the theme of the game. The Frozen Hammer Wild also relates to the theme. The symbols are listed below:
    • High Paying: Ice Barbarian, Ice Valkyrie, Axe, Swords, Mace.
    • Low Paying: Blue Gem, Pink Gem, Purple Gem, Green Gem.
    • Wilds: Standard Wild, Frozen Hammer Wild.
Symbol 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Ice Barbarian 75x 150x 300x
Ice Valkyrie 50x 100x 250x
Axe 30x 60x 125x
Swords 25x 50x 100x
Mace 25x 50x 100x
Blue Gem 15x 25x 75x
Pink Gem 15x 25x 75x
Purple Gem 10x 20x 50x
Green Gem 10x 20x 50x
Standard Wild - - -
Frozen Hammer Wild - - -

Bonus Features

  • Hammer Respins: The Hammer Respins feature can be triggered in the base game. This is carried out by a barbarian or valkyrie smashing the ice around the hammer when it lands on the second reel. This will then start an unlimited number of respins and they will end when all hammers have been used up. When the hammer is freed it will also fill up one of the four multiplier slots at the top of the screen.

    All wilds that land on reels 3, 4 or 5 will be stuck in place during the respins, until a hammer lands on the second reel. The hammer multiplier can be worth 1, 2, 3 or 5x.

    This feature can also be bought from the store. One hammer costs 400 tokens and a random number of hammers costs 1,500 tokens.
  • Ice Barbarian: The Ice Barbarian feature costs 800 tokens in the store. This removes every symbol except the barbarian and gives players three Every time that a barbarian symbol lands on the reels it will be locked in place, the respin counter will also be reset.

    Each new barbarian also increases the multiplier that will be applied to the final win. The feature ends and pays out the win when either the respin counter hits zero or the reels are full of barbarians.
  • Ice Valkyrie: The Ice Valkyrie feature is similar to the barbarian feature. It costs 1,000 tokens from the store. It removes all symbols except the valkyrie and gives players three Just like the barbarian feature, a new symbol will be stuck in place and it will reset the counter. There are multipliers above each reel that activate whenever a reel is filled with valkyries.

    The main difference between this feature and the barbarian is that the valkyrie round pays out on every spin, not just at the end. It ends when the counter hits zero or the reels are full.

Kingdoms Rise: Guardians of the Abyss

Game Profile:

  • Game Type: 5 reels and 25 paylines + Progressive Jackpot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.1%- 96.09%
  • Volatility: Medium-High
  • Themes: Warriors, Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019


  • 3x Progressive Jackpots.
  • Multiplying Wilds.
  • Random Wilds.
  • Collect Tokens.
Guardians Of The Abyss   Guardians Of The Abyss   Guardians Of The Abyss

Guardians of the Abyss Rules

Kingdoms Rise: Guardians of the Abyss takes place in an underwater kingdom, with several strong characters all represented by high-paying symbols and corresponding features. These features include:

Coin Sizes

  • Values: 0.10 to 300.00.


The three main symbols on the Guardians of the Abyss slot are represented by Odeon, Akali, and Jax, three warriors, of which Odeon is the leader. Odeon can trigger wins as high as 1,000x, while the other two provide between 500x and 750x. Other symbols include weapons and gems.


Keep an eye out for the Shell symbol, as this is the Scatter on Guardians of the Abyss and can trigger the game’s main feature. It activates the Guardian Bonus round when the symbols appear on the second, third, and fourth reels.


The Wild symbol can trigger wins as high as 1,250x, making it the biggest in the game. This symbol is represented by the “W” and can be used in place of all other symbols to trigger big payouts.

Additional Bonus Features

  • Secret Shells Feature: Reveal three of the Shells to trigger the game’s biggest feature. The Shells will each reveal a different perk:
    • First Shell: Decides which Free Game will be triggered
    • Second Shell: Reveals the amount of Free Spins that will be provided.
    • Third Shell: Reveals the “Power” of the feature.
  • Odeon Feature: More of the game’s biggest symbols are added to the reels, with an initial reveal determining how many will be added.
  • Akali Feature: Wild symbols are added to the reels.
  • Jax Feature: If a Wild symbol appears during a spin then a multiplier will be added to it.
  • Jackpots: As per usual, there are three Kingdoms Rise jackpots available and these can be won with every spin.
Symbol 2 on a payline 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Wild 20x 250x 750x 1,250x
Blue Warrior - 200x 500x 1,000x
Red Warrior - 150x 300x 750x
Purple Warrior - 100x 200x 500x
Green Weapon - 70x 120x 250x
Red Weapon - 50x 100x 200x
Purple Weapon - 30x 70x 150x
Red Gem - 20x 40x 100x
Blue Gem - 20x 40x 100x
Green Gem - 10x 20x 50x
Purple Gem - 10x 20x 50x

Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest

Game Profile:

  • Game Type: Grid (3-4-4-4-3 Layout) + Progressive Jackpot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.00% - 95.99%.
  • Volatility: High.
  • Themes: Warriors, Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019.


  • 3x Progressive Jackpots.
  • Many Ways to Win.
  • Huge Betting Range.
  • Unique Game Layout.
Forbidden Forest   Forbidden Forest   Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest Rules

There are impressive 576 ways to win on this slot and you need at least three symbols in a single payline to secure a return. All wins are multiplied by the value of your coin bet, which you can increase or decrease using the “+” and “-“ symbols.

Coin Sizes

  • Values: 0.10 to 2000.00.


The main symbols on this game all assume the form of warriors, one with a Sword and Shield, one with a Bow and Arrow, and a Shaman. There is a maximum payout of 500x with these symbols, while other main game symbols trigger wins as high as 50x.


The Owl symbol is the Scatter in this Kingdoms Rise slot. It will award a number of Respins when it lands (from 2 to 12) and can also transform into a Roaming Wild symbol.


The Feather symbol can trigger an extra 2 Respins during the feature. It needs to appear on the third reel for this to happen.

Additional Bonus Features

  • Owl Respins: Triggered by the Golden Owl symbol, players can secure as many as 12 Respins complete with Roaming Wilds and additional Respin reveals.
  • Jackpots: Every spin has a chance to win one of the three progressive jackpots.
Symbol 2 on a payline 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Red Warrior - 25x 75x 200x
Orange Warrior - 15x 30x 50x
Green Warrior - 10x 20x 35x
Purple Animal - 8x 14x 25x
Blue Animal - 8x 14x 25x
Green Gem - 2x 5x 15x
Red Gem - 2x 5x 15x
Blue Gem - 1x 3x 10x
Light Green Gem - 1x 3x 10x
Purple Gem - 1x 3x 10x

Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury

Game Profile:

  • Game Type: Grid + Progressive Jackpot.
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.25% - 96.23%.
  • Volatility: High.
  • Themes: Warriors, Fantasy.
  • Release Year: 2019.


  • Respin Feature.
  • Golden Locked Wilds.
  • Buy Features in Shop.
  • Turbo Mode.
  • Wide Betting Range.
Sands Of Fury   Sands Of Fury   Sands Of Fury

Sands of Fury Rules

Sands of Fury has 20-paylines, all of which pay from left to right. You need at least three matching symbols displayed consecutively on one of these paylines to win, and all wins are multiplied by your coin bet, which can be increased or decreased at will.

Coin Sizes

  • Values: 0.10 to 1000.00.


There are 5 main symbols on the Sands of Fury slot, each represented by a different in-game character. The biggest of these is the Golden Queen, who rewards wins as high as 150x. Other big payouts come from the Warrior and the Sorcerer, who return 120x and 80x respectively.


There is no traditional Scatter symbol on Sands of Fury, but the Wild symbol can appear on every reel and once this happens then the Wild Fury feature will activate.

Additional Bonus Features

  • Wild Fury: A fierce and potent Wild feature that provides Respin opportunities and big payout potential.
  • Jackpots: The same three jackpots found on other Kingdoms Rise slots are also available here.
Symbol 2 on a payline 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Wild - 100x 150x 250x
Green Warrior - 20x 60x 80x
Red Warrior - 60x 80x 120x
Purple Warrior - 80x 120x 150x
Orange Warrior - 20x 40x 60x
Red Gem - 8x 10x 20x
Purple Gem - 8x 10x 20x
Blue Gem - 4x 8x 16x
Green Gem - 4x 8x 16x

The Map and its Functionality

You can use the “Map” icon to explore the Kingdoms Rise world. The map contains all of the games currently available in this series, as well as information pertaining to new themes, features, and opportunities. It adds even more RPG-style features to this beautiful slot machine series, creating an extra layer of immersion that ensures this game stands out on mobile and desktop.

This feature can be found on all Kingdoms Rise slots and you can use it to move from one to the other, taking spins and sampling features as you go.

Kingdoms Rise Map

Game Tokens

There are many great features that set the Kingdoms Rise slot machine series apart from anything else out there right now, from the multitude of features to the interconnected worlds. But one of the truly extraordinary features revolves around the Game Token system:

  1. Game Tokens A single spin on a Kingdoms Rise game can return as many as 5 Game Tokens as well as up to 2.5 Pending Game Tokens. These are rolled into your Game Token account, which climbs with every collection and then triggers an animation when you reach 300. This is the amount you need to purchase your first feature from the Features Shop, as indicated by the highlighted Shop icon.
  2. Pending Game Tokens Pending Game Tokens can also be collected every time you spin, but these will only be added to your balance when you reach 500. Once they have been added to your Game Tokens total then you can spend them in the Features Shop alongside your other Tokens.

Features Shop

The Features Shop is one of the many things that helps to set the Kingdoms Rise series apart from other real money slot machines. These shops can be accessed on all Kingdoms Rise titles and give players a chance to purchase additional features and perks using coins that they collect in the games.

Each feature that can be purchased in the Features Shop is unique to one of the three Kingdoms Rise titles and as soon as it has been purchased it will activate. All winnings from this feature will be paid in real money and go straight to the player’s real money wallet.

To access this store and see what features are available, simply click the “Shop” icon, which is listed on the home screen of all Kingdoms Rise slot machines.

Kingdoms Rise Shop

Progressive Jackpots

The Kingdoms Rise slot series has a progressive jackpot system that is unique to these games and shared across all titles. You can see these jackpots on-screen at all times, along with details on when two of these will payout. The jackpots, from highest to lowest, are:

  • Epic Jackpot An epic game needs an epic jackpot, and this is as good as it gets. This jackpot is shared by all games and all casinos, which means it is constantly growing and becomes more life-changing by the day. There is no cap on this jackpot; it triggers at random during any spin on any game.
  • Power Strike Jackpot This jackpot is capped at a fixed sum that you can see on the screen at all times. It needs to be claimed before it reaches this amount and is triggered completely at random.
  • Daily Strike Jackpot This jackpot is released every day and needs to be triggered before the day is out. You can see the “Pay By” time on the progressive jackpot flag, which is listed alongside the reels.

For more next-level progressive jackpot slots, take a look at the Age of the Gods series.

Strategies and Tips

There is no guaranteed way to win playing the Kingdoms Rise slot, but there are still a few tips and strategies you should keep in mind when playing this real money title:

  • Bankroll: All responsible gamblers set a bankroll, which is basically a gambling budget. It’s an amount of money you can afford to lose and one that is deposited into your ZA account or chosen payment method.
  • Stake: Set a stake that allows you to enjoy a prolonged gaming session based on your budget. Pay close attention to the game’s volatility level when setting this stake, as high volatility generally requires more spins and longer sessions, while low volatility is the opposite.
  • Get Bonuses: Prepare yourself for a prolonged session by securing the bonuses that are available to you. See below to learn more about the bonuses offered on the Kingdoms Rise slot.
  • Be Careful: Don’t increase your bankroll without careful thought, always take a break after an extended gaming session, and seek help from our Responsible Gaming section if you find yourself losing control.

Bonuses and Free Spins

One way to improve your Kingdoms Rise slot experience is to pick up a bonus first. ZA bonuses and free spins are constantly changing but always provide a wealth of options to new players and existing players alike. Click onto our Promotions page to learn more and discover how you can qualify.

Software and Mobile Experience

The Kingdoms Rise slot series was created by Playtech to work seamlessly on mobile devices. It takes advantage of advanced HTML5 technology, which offers fluid animations, crisp graphics, and the fastest play you can experience. Enjoy the full spectrum of features by playing on a high-res smartphone or tablet, turning the volume up, and wearing a pair of headphones.

Final Word - Play for Real Money

Slots like Kingdoms Rise don’t come around every day. This is an original, creative, and game-changing series that treads new ground and does something that no developer has done before. To play this for yourself and be in with a chance of winning big, just sign up, add some real money to your account and play.