Play Thrill Seekers Slots Online at South Africa

This is one of those slots games that was made for all those Thrill Seekers out there, hence the name says it all!

Thrill Seekers is one of the few 50-line slot machines versions, which makes it the perfect choice for the more experienced online casino games players who aren’t afraid to take some risks to win big rewards. Because of the level of play, the paytable is a little more complicated than usual, so it’s best to take some time to get to know it well.

As they say, high risks ultimately translate to high rewards so if you can keep up with all the action and nail-biting moments of this slot machine version, then come on board for the ride of your life!

The theme is of an amusement park with lots of cheerful colours, happy tunes and all the right symbols – rollercoasters, clowns, ice-cream cones, a hammer, popcorn and more.

Special Rewards For All You Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers is not your standard slot machine that’s for sure. For one thing, it’s one of the Dollar Ball versions at our online casino in South Africa, which means that you can activate a side bet. How it works, if you’re not already familiar with our other Dollar Ball versions, is that you get to pick 5 numbers and if any of these land on your reels when you spin, you’ll be rewarded with a big jackpot prize.

Another thing that makes it special is the super hammer bonus round where you can win a serious cash prize.

And over and above all of this, you still have the wild symbol (clown) and the scatter symbol (ticket) to up your odds of hitting a winning combination and hand out complimentary spins.

Play Thrill Seekers At South Africa South Africa wants you to win (while having the time of your life!), so we created the practice mode for you to do just that. This is a gambling haven where you can enjoy and explore all the gambling options that we have in your own time at your own speed, without bankroll being on your mind.

Here you can enjoy online slots free of charge, including Thrill Seekers. But remember though, because this version has so many extra bonuses and jackpots, you won’t want to be playing it in practice mode for too long, because you will be missing out on these big extra earnings.