Play Rock'n'Roller Slots Online at South Africa

Get into the groove of playing free online slots when you play Rock n Roller, the multi-line slots game with awesome symbols and really cool sounds. Open your online casino games account, which is really quite easy, and get ready to enjoy this three-reeler with five payout lines and real feel for everything Vegas.

The screen almost resembles a 1950’s jukebox with its reels filled with colours and symbols of the best musical era. Guitars, drums, harmonicas, gold and silver records are the symbols you will find spinning through the reels of this slots game. In Rock n Roller the silver record is the special symbol which means when three silver records land in a row you win. And the size of your jackpot will be determined by which of the five pay lines the three silver records land on.

Place The Maximum Bet With Rock n Roller

Similar to most of the other classic slots here at South Africa, the “bet one” button provides the standard bet and the “bet max” button means that you wish to wager the maximum bet. Wagering the maximum bet and winning means a maximum jackpot payout, provided the symbols align on the proper pay line. A common tip players share is in the value of placing the maximum bet. Since each spin is independent of the one before it, the biggest pay of is always available when you place the maximum bet.

Many Payouts Wait When You Play Rock n Roller

You will notice across the top of the screen the payout schedule. The number lines are marked and the symbols are displayed in order to clearly display the winning combinations. There is even a payout for any three instruments or three blanks. You won’t find any complicated bonus rounds or wild symbols, just classic slots fun.

When you want to play free online slots give Rock n Roller a go. The boppin’ sounds and cool style will make you want to kick off you shoes and dance the twist.