Play Fishing with Buddies Slots Online at South Africa

Go Fishing With Buddies from your own home when you play this online slots version with a difference. So what’s the difference? What makes this version special?

Exactly what the name suggests, you’ll be doing it in a group, or more precisely at a table with 4 other players! So if you feel like spinning the reels but want some more social interaction that the slot machine usually offers, then this is the one for you!

How To Go Fishing With Buddies

This is how Fishing With Buddies works:

  • This is a 5 reel 20 payline version with a special multi-player feature that’s unique to slots online casino games
  • Simply access the gambling arena and join a table to play
  • Before you can place your bet, you’ll need to choose your avatar, one from five coloured bears (obviously one that hasn’t been taken yet)
  • Place your bet and start spinning – your reels will be in the middle section of your screen
  • The screen is very interactive – you can see the minimised screens of the 4 other bears, there is a chat window and the bonus round window.
  • Make sure to keep on spinning, otherwise your bear might fall asleep and miss out on the catch of the day, the bonus round.
  • The bonus feature is randomly activated and everyone will get to participate, with the aim being to catch a gold fish, which will get you to round 2 of this bonus feature. The faster you spin your reels, the more chance you will have scoring the biggest catch.
  • There are more exciting themed bonuses including the opportunity for your bear to catch a crab which will multiply your bet by five!
  • There are wild and scatter symbols for more chances to win extra prizes!

Enjoy Fishing With Buddies And So Much More

The beauty of Fishing With Buddies is that you can recreate that relaxing guy-time hobby from your own living room, but without feeling lonely. The whole point of this sport is to get in some serious time with your friends, and with the social multi-player aspect of this version, this is exactly what you’ll get. You can fish together, chat, compete and have a couple of drinks while you play. What more do you need?

Come play this and other gambling options at our online casino in South Africa and be prepared to win while you spin!