Play Diamond Valley Slots Online at South Africa

The vultures are circling and snakes are abound in this desert themed, five reel, five payline slot machine available in our full list of slots games at our casino, online. The original graphics, designed by Playtech, show each payline with a different coloured gemstone numbered per line, and a desiccated and desolate, desert ground on the bottom. To contrast that dry dirt on the bottom, the blue sky is shining brightly, but be weary of the vulture hovering over you while you play. He may not want you making it home with all of your winnings…

Enjoying Diamond Valley $1

Diamond Valley $1, one of the more original online casino games out there, lets you enjoy the opportunity to play slots for fun with no risk to you or your bottom dollar. Having said that, you always have the choice to switch modes over to the real betters’ option, where you can play online slots for real money, with the best of the gamblers.

The symbols in Diamond Valley $1 stick to the theme pretty well and are diamonds, a snake surrounding a treasure chest, an evil looking skeleton with a shiny gold tooth and others that coincide with the ghoulish, yet sparkling theme of the game. With this game, you can only bet $1 per line, so depending on how many paylines you activate, your bet per spin will range anywhere from $1 to $5. Winning is simple, here, with only 5 diamonds needed on one of the paylines, one through four, or five dollar signs across any of the five paylines, and these achievements will be netting you 5,000 and 2,500 coins respectively.

The Diamond Valley $1 Progressive Jackpot

The progressive slots option, available in real money mode on Diamond Valley $1, gives you the opportunity to walk away from this game with more cash in a quick spin, than ever before. Just make sure you have all five paylines active (meaning you have bet the maximum of $5), spin the lucky five blue diamonds on the fifth reel, and watch the jackpot become yours!