Play 8 Ball Slots Online at South Africa

Put a little backspin on your slots spins in 8 Ball Slots.

Originating from the traditional pub game of 8-Ball Pool, this is the classic slots game with the look and feel of the authentic pub, pool table. The mixture of the excitement of the slots and the local pub environment make this a hugely popular game at our online casino.

How To Play 8 Ball Slots

Easy to play and vibrant to look at, this free online slots game is easy to feel right at home with, as it reminds you of that classic pub experience known across the globe from Cape Town, South Africa to London, England. The sound effects and visual aids in 8 Ball Slots are almost too real, in one of the best slots games available online. Standard 8 Ball is played by two people in rotation, who play by pocketing each of their seven, spotted or striped balls, before their opponent. Then you shoot the 8 ball to a named pocket to win.

At our casino, 8 Ball Slots is even simpler than most traditional online casino games: Spin the three reels, line up the symbols and collect. Three 8 balls claim the jackpot. For each frame that you spin, you have several ways to win, big.

8 Ball Slots For The Win

With 17 winning combinations in 8 Ball Slots, you'll be making more and more 'breaks', along with thousands of other slot players counting their profits from the game that brings spots and stripes to the slots .Decide how much you are in for and spin the wheels. Go to the paytable, which will show you the stakes you’re playing for while you just enjoy the scenery and ease of this game.

If you are looking to break into easy to use slots games, without the hassle of multiple bets and bonus rounds, 8 Ball Slots is definitely for you.