Play Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Online Slots at UK

Legend has it that located deep inside the Egyptian pyramids the ancient Pharaoh’s were buried. The Egyptians believed that the Pharaoh’s would wake up from the dead so they had their treasures buried with them. Now, with Pyramid: Quest for Immortality online slots at UK, you can claim that treasure for yourself and turn it into real money.

There are no paylines in the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality online slot game, all you need to win is at least 3 matching symbols on 3 adjacent columns, going left to right. The high value symbols are all steeped in ancient Egyptian culture, and can probably be found buried in the pyramids as well. Pharaoh is the top paying symbol followed by one of his concubines, a bejeweled beetle, golden eagle and snake. There is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on the board and help create winning combinations.

Collapsing Reels and Multipliers in Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Online Slot Game

The first thing you’ll notice about the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality casino game is the reels are shaped like a pyramid. The outer reels are three symbols high, reels 2 and 4 each have four symbols and the centre reel has 5 symbols.

After any win in this slots game online you’ll get to experience the NetEnt Avalanche feature. All the winning symbols will be removed from the board, and new symbols will fall into place. This not only creates additional opportunities to win real money, but for every three wins in a row, the Avalanche Multiplier will increase the multiplier by 1.

Perhaps the best part of Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is the Wild Generation. Whenever you have a winning combination that includes the top symbol in reels 2, 3 or 4, when that symbol is removed from the board it will be replaced by a wild. This will greatly enhance your odds of winning, in fact, if you have a wild on reels 2 and 3, you’re guaranteed at least another win. If the wild is the top symbol, it will also trigger the Wild Generation. Once you go on a winning streak with all these extra wilds, you can just watch as the Avalanche Multiplier starts to climb and you will reap in Pharaoh’s treasure.

Start Winning Real Money Playing Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Online Slots at UK

There is a lot to like about Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, starting with great sound effects and artwork and through to the Avalanche and Wild Generations. You can start playing in Practice Mode, but when you’re ready to start winning real money you’ll need to open an account at our online casino. After you make your first deposit you’ll receive a Welcome Bonus of up to £100 that can be used when playing all our popular online casino games.

Don’t just let the Pharaoh’s treasure stay in the pyramids, start spinning the reels today and claim your new treasure.