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Explore the majesty and culture of rural Japan in Koi Princess, a Slot Machine that combines elements of Japanese animation, known as anime, with its own beautifully crafted story and aesthetic.

In the West, we know Koi as the colourful carp that can cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds per fish. In Japan, these fish are highly prized because they symbolise good fortune and are tied to several of the country’s legends and traditions.

Koi Princess brings these elements of tradition and fortune together, throws in an obligatory anime girl, and sets everything against a magical and misty backdrop.

Main Features

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines.
  • Return to Player: 96%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Themes: Anime
  • Release Year: 2014

The Koi Princess Slot Game has several random activated features. There is also a Bonus Bet tab. When activated, this will double your stake and increase your chances of triggering the game’s many bonuses.

And we mean it when we say “many”. There are four main bonuses and a further 4 randomly activated ones, creating 8 distinct bonuses in total.

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The biggest single payline payout on Koi Princess is 500x. A bet of £1, therefore, will give you a return of £500. That’s not all, as there are other high paying symbols to look out for and multiple bonus features as well, all offering a plethora of wins.


  • Coin Sizes: The lowest stake is £0.40, and this comes from establishing a Level of 1 and a Coin Value of 0.01. As you increase these parameters, the total bet size also increases and can go as high as £400.
  • Symbols:
    • Main: Koi Princess, Orange Animal, Green Animal, Coins
    • Standard: Playing Card Symbols (10 to A)
    • Wild: Wave Wild
    • Scatter: Multiple Different Symbols
  • Additional Bonus Rounds:
    • Bonus Bet: Increases the chances of a bonus appearing and also tweaks the value of that bonus. Your stake will double when this feature is selected.
    • Bonuses: If three of the Bonus symbols appear, one of the four Bonus Features will activate, including two Bonus Spin features.
    • Random Features: Four different features that can trigger at random on any spin. All of these features award a single spin with a unique mechanic attached.
Symbols2 on a Payline3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Koi Princess2x40x200x400x
Orange Animal-30x150x300x
Green Animal-20x100x250x

When you combine Koi Princess’s Random Features and its main Bonus Rounds, there are 8 uniquely themed features to activate.

  • Random Features
    • 5-Hit: 1 spin is awarded and a 5-symbol win is guaranteed.
    • Random Wilds: 4 to 9 Wilds appear at random on the reels and the player gets 1 spin.
    • Wild Reels: 2 to 5 reels are filled with Wild symbols for 1 spin.
    • Bonus Activation: 1 spin with three Bonus symbols and 1 Bonus Feature.
  • Main Features
    • Sure Win Bonus Spins: 10 spins are awarded and each win promises to be larger than the largest win during the feature. This is the “Sure Win”, and for the first spin, where no such win is established, it’s based on the player’s stake.
    • Wild Reels Bonus Spins: 10 spins are activated and up to 5 reels are filled with Wild symbols for each spin.
    • Bonus Wheel: Spin the wheel to win coins and activate one of the two Bonus Spin features.
    • Coin Win: An instant cash prize is awarded.

Software and Mobile Experience

All Slot Games at UK are supported on mobile, and this is true whether your device is new or old; big or small; Android or iOS. Everything is condensed and streamlined, ensuring it works perfectly on the smaller screen. The touchscreen function is the icing on the cake, making it easy to wager, spin, and collect—everything is just a tap away.

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If you’re looking for a relaxing trip into a virtual world, play Koi Princess. It’s a classy casino game that’s not too extravagant and is definitely not excessive. It also has an unmistakable anime style that is very popular all over the world and has gained a particularly large following amongst Millennials.

You can explore this aesthetic for yourself when you join UK. Just remember to check with our Welcome Offers first and see which promotions are available to you.