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At first, we thought that Wu Long referred to a black dragon tea because the mythical creature acts as one of the higher symbols on the slot but because there is no sign of tea or a pot anywhere we had to conclude that it meant something else. A quick bit of research pointed us in the direction of a spectacular region of China named Wu Long County famous for three natural bridges made of limestone. It is also renowned for its caves and although neither of these natural phenomenon appear in the slot this is the best suggestion you’re going to get! We are treated to some traditional Chinese imagery in the reels such as Chinese lanterns, firecrackers, a temple, two Chinese women holding fans, and some classic instruments such as cymbals and drums. All of these are displayed against a background of fireworks above a temple. Take part in this cultural exchange and experience the magic of this wonderful region in online casino.

Enter the dragon and reap the rewards

The symbol players would like to see more than any other though is the Chinese dragon, which stands for strength, power and brings good luck to those who deserve it. Emperors have traditionally been associated with this mythological beast, which has had a bad rap in European culture. The reason you want to see at least three Chinese dragon scatter symbols on the reels is because they activate a great bonus feature. You will be given 12 free spins, but even greater rewards are heading your way the more dragons that you obtain, plus multipliers too! Get another dragon during the free spins game and you receive a x1 multiplier, which increases the more dragons that appear on the reels. Should you get five dragons the multiplier is set at 6x your stake plus 12 free spins! Additionally, those new to online casino games are entitled to a 100% up to $400 welcome bonus (plus 200 free spins) to help you go a Long way!

Double up with Wu Long

The dragon is doubly important in this game because it acts not only as the scatter but the wild symbol too. Wu Long really brings a flavour of ancient China to your doorstep and it also has a soothing soundtrack as well to help you relax after a tough day. If you’re looking for a bit of Eastern promise check out the rest of our Chinese related games in online slots or take a look at the range of games we have to offer.