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Join the intrepid sailor Sinbad on an exotic Middle Eastern adventure, full of fantasy and excitement and the chance to discover hidden treasure. The Sea is Calm, the sky is blue, but terrifying creatures await us as we sail into the unknown. On our quest for adventure we will meet terrifying birds of prey, we will travel to unknown cities and meet beautiful sultry princesses. Experience the rich mystery of the Mediterranean, fill the ship’s coffers with gold and precious jewels. Just keep a watch on the crow’s nest for the mighty Leviathan, a mythical beast that we must find and fight for true victory! Come and experience this spicy addition to our online casino collection.

A voyage of discovery

Sinbad the Sailor is a character whose story makes up part of the Thousand and One Nights collection of stories and folktales. His stories are the most famous of all the tales in the books and his adventures have even made it onto the big screen with the classic fantasy movies animated by special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen. In this exciting slots game you will have the chance to join Sinbad on a quest for adventure and gold. Be warned that the sea is not as calm as it looks and peril may be just around the corner. The danger is worth it, as there are untold treasures to discover in the deep of the sea. This is a fantastic game for anyone interested in the fairy tales of the Middle East, monsters and adventure. We are happy to help you on your voyage by offering new players a free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our online casino games. Weigh anchor today.

A golden opportunity

Sinbad’s Golden Voyage is a 6 reel online slots game with a whopping 164 paylines. It might be set in the distant past, but its features are very much up to date. It has Wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus features like free spins and multipliers. Keep a watchful eye for the leviathan as the calm atmosphere of the game turns dark and stormy and the chances of winning are increased as you fight the beast. The graphics and sound effects will make you feel like you are living in an exotic, fantastical world and the thrilling gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat!