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Imagine taking a trip back in time to the days of Julius Caesar and the glory of the Ancient Roman Empire. At the time this slot is set, Rome was the centre of the world, a huge metropolis bustling with life. You could go and visit the Coliseum and take in a gladiator fight, or find a chariot race, or simply relax with a few slave girls on hand to feed you grapes. It was truly one of the most interesting times in history, there’s a reason why it was everyone’s favourite subject in History lessons at school! You don’t need to worry, we won’t be testing you, this isn’t a history lesson, but a thrilling and fun game! Just enter our impressive online casino and we will bring history alive right in front of your eyes!

This slot rules

The Roman Empire really began in the 3rd Century BC and lasted until it was sacked by Goths in the 5th Century AD. In that time its influence stretched from the Middle East and North Africa up to Scotland and what is now the Netherlands. Rome was at the centre and it was said that all roads led to the magnificent city. It was a time of great achievements in science, philosophy and art and the culture of Ancient Rome still has influences on our lives today! Let’s not forget that the Romans invented underfloor heating, sewers, arches, highways and many other things! The Romans really did give us a lot! And now you can experience the glory of ancient Rome first hand with this exciting addition to our online casino games collection. And to make it even more glorious we are offering new players a free welcome bonus! Ave!

The gold standard bearer

Rome & Glory is a 5 reel, 20 payline online slots game with scatter and wild symbols and a bonus round that will give you a glimpse of the life of a high ranking official in the greatest empire of all time. The graphics and sound effects bring that golden age to life and the fun and thrilling gameplay will make you feel like you are Julius Caesar himself! Have a taste of the high life and experience the joys of that most decadent of times. For those about to spin the slots, we salute you!