Online Haunted House Slots

Do you like scary movies? If so, the spooky-themed Haunted House classic multi-line slots game at will be right up your street. Every symbol is an ode to the classic horror genre, including coffins, garlic, candles, and crosses. Similar to other classic slots games including Bermuda Triangle and Neptune's Kingdom, Haunted House slots does not offer a Bonus Round, Wild Symbol, or a Jackpot. However, you should always be on the lookout for the Garlic Symbol. Unlike other symbols where the payout is the same no matter where on the reel it lands, the Garlic Symbol offers different payouts depending on what line it falls on.

What’s more, this three reel, five payline online casino slots game offers you the ability to bet anywhere between a few cents to a few dollars and hit a total of 12 winning combinations, providing you with lots of opportunities to win!

Haunted House Haunted House Haunted House

How to Play Haunted House

When playing Haunted House online slots at, first select a coin value between $0.05 and $5.00. Then select the number of coins you wish to play. To play all the coins, hit Bet Max, to play less, click on Bet One. Then you’re ready to click the Spin button! As the spooky music plays in the background, the three reels will spin. If you get a winning combination on any of the five paylines, you will rewarded by a monetary payout. Do not worry if this is the first time playing a classic multi-line slots game – if you receive a winning combination, the game will let you know!

Sign up for a casino games online account at and make your way through the Haunted House for some eerie fun and the chance to win!