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This captivating three-reel, five payline multi-line slots game is a popular casino games online classic, and is very similar to our other multi-line online slots games like Haunted House and Neptune's Kingdom. There is no Bonus Feature, Wild Symbol, or Jackpot prize – just 11 winning combinations that can net you big wins! You can select your coin denomination as high as $5.00 or as low as $0.05, so there’s an appropriate bet for all types of players.

Playing Bermuda Triangle

Keep in mind that one sailboat will get you five coins. What’s more, if it is hit on any of the corners (which means the one sailboat contributes to THREE paylines) you’ll net a total of 15 coins! Not only that, but unlike the other symbols, where you receive the same prize no matter what payline it is on, with the sailboat, each payline pays out a different amount. You can win up to 1,000 coins if you get three sailboats along the right payline.

How to Play Bermuda Triangle

Hit Bet One to bet one coin; you can hit Bet One up to five times. If you just want to wager the maximum amount (five coins), click on Bet Max. The three reels will begin to spin, showing all the five possible symbols – Ship, Airplane, Shark, Octopus, and Dolphin. Once the reels stop, the online slots game notifies you if you have gotten a winning combination along any of the three paylines.

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