Play Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot at NZ


One of the most frustrating things about playing games at the carnival or theme park is it can seem impossible to win one of those giant stuffed animals. The games in the Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune slot won’t give out stuffed toys, but you will be able to win real money.

The carnival games are the bonus features in this 50 payline slot game, which also features a claw symbol and bonus wheel symbol for extra prizes. Get all the details in the slot review below.

ThemePark   ThemePark   ThemePark

Main Features

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 3 rows, 50 paylines
  • RTP: 96.52%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Themes: Theme Park
  • Release Year: 2016

Play for Real Money

You wouldn’t go to an amusement park without getting a ticket, so why would you play this slot game without opening an account. Use any of the convenient payment methods to make a deposit, collect a Welcome Bonus, and play Tickets of Fortune for real money. Click on the image above and start playing today.


There are a lot of extras and bonus features in this slot game. If you knock down all the cans in the “Can Tower” game, you will win 864 times your current bet.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is a fixed 50 payline slot game that calculates wins going from left to right. To begin playing, you need to register an account , make a deposit, place a bet, and spin the reels. The game has an autoplay feature that allows for NZ punters to play up to 100 games in a row automatically.

  • Coins: Even though there are 50 paylines, the minimum bet is $0.25, which uses a $0.01 coin and a maximum bet of $250, using $1 coin. To make the maximum bet, you will need to adjust the Bet Level, which is the number of each coin that you’ll wager. In other words, if you bet with the $1 coin, you’ll have the option of setting the bet level at 1 and making a $25 bet or going up to level 10, which comes out to the maximum $250 bet.
  • Symbols: The reels are filled with fun theme park rides and balloon shapes. The rides are the high-value symbols with the red rocket ship as the highest paying symbol, up to 400x. It’s followed by an orange airplane, yellow bumper car, green swan ride, and a blue horse ride. The 10 – A symbols were designed to look like they were balloons tied into the symbol shapes. You can see the payouts for each of the symbols in the chart below.
  • Wild: The roller coaster wild symbols can be stacked and appear in the middle three rows.
  • Scatter: The tickets to play the games are the scatter symbol, and they can land on reels 3,4, and 5. You’ll need at least three on the reels to enter the bonus feature.
  • Additional Bonus Symbols: There is a claw symbol that can land on the fifth reel. When this happens, the claw will activate, dip below the reels and come up with a toy and award you a coin win between 2 -15 times your current bet.

There is also a Bonus Wheel symbol that can land on the fifth reel. This is another way to activate the bonus game feature.

Symbol 3x on Reels 4x on Reels 5x on Reels
Red Rocket 25x 100x 400x
Orange Plane 20x 50x 300x
Yellow Bumper Car 15x 40x 250x
Green Swan 10x 25x 200x
Blue Horse 10x 25x 150x
A 5x 15x 100x
K 4x 10x 75x
Q 3x 10x 75x
J 2x 10x 50x
10 2x 10x 50x
  • Bonus Features: Whether you reach the bonus feature by getting three scatter symbols or the bonus wheel symbol lands on the fifth reel, the game plays the same way. You’ll get at least three spins of the bonus wheel and collect tickets that will be used to play carnival games. There are several slots on the wheel that will award you with additional spins.

    Once the spins are completed, you can take your tickets and use them to play the games. Each game requires a different number of tickets to play, and you can decide f you want to play multiple games or use all your tickets on one game. The games are as follows:
    • Punch Bag: Test your strength when you punch the bag. The payout is between 2-25 times your current bet.
    • Sledge Hammer: Another test of strength as you get to bang the sledgehammer and receive a payout up to 100 times your bet.
    • Can Tower: There are three towers of 6 cans, and for each can you knock down you will get paid. If you can knock out all 18 cans, you will win the big prize of 864 times your bet.
    • Skee Ball: You’ll get to throw five balls in the game, with each pocket valued at a different multiplier, up to 20x.
    • Fishing: This is a pick-and-click game where you can pick five fish, each with a different coin value. Some of the fish will also award extra picks.
    • Duck Shoot: You get five shots at the duck, each one pays out up to 50 times your current bet. In addition, there is a dynamic multiplier that increases with each shot.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is part of Netent’s collection. This means that it was developed for all touch-based devices. However, the screen must be held horizontally for the game to work.

All of the bonus features and payouts are the same across both mobile and desktop devices. There is just one major difference, and that’s how you change your bet. On mobile devices, you will have to click on the three bars, or Menu button to open the help menu and adjust the Bet Level and Coin Value sliders. On desktop devices, you can change the bet without having to leave the main game page.


If you like bonus features, even if you’re not into carnivals, you must play Tickets of Fortune slot game. Being able to play different bonus features based on how many tickets you get on the Bonus Wheel is pretty unique.

Open an account at this NZ Online Casino so you can play this game for real money today.