Play Pixel Samurai Video Slot


Pixel Samurai is a cascading reel video slot from Playtech. It takes players on a journey to feudal Japan and invites them to battle their way to big prizes. New Zealand-based players will notice that this is different to other slots, as it bears similarities to arcade games. This is due to the cluster pays system and cascading reels. With both a very rewarding maximum payout and a progressive jackpot available, this game offers players one of the most impressive potential payouts available today. Keep scrolling down to discover everything you need to know about Pixel Samurai here at NZ.


Pixel Samurai includes the following features:

  • Game Type: 5 x 5 grid, cascading reels and cluster pays
  • Return to Player (RTP): 93.98%
  • Volatility: High
  • Theme: Feudal Japan
  • Release Year: 2018


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The standard jackpot is available to win on Pixel Samurai whenever players land 16 or more of the Blue Lady symbols as a cluster. This combination will pay out a win of 5,000 times the stake. However, if you can collect a cluster of 8 or more Red Samurai symbols, the game will award you a payout of 5,000 times the stake and the progressive jackpot as well. As a result, it guarantees a prize at least as big as the maximum standard payout, and potentially significantly bigger.


  • Coin size: There is a minimum coin size of $0.10 and a maximum coin size of $10.00.
  • Symbols: The symbols are all based around characters who would have been prominent in feudal Japan
  • Main: Archer, Sumo, Ronin, Warrior, Blue lady, Red Samurai

All payouts are multiplied by the total stake.

Cluster SizeArcherSumoRoninWarriorBlue LadyRed Samurai
8X1X1.2X7X150X50X5,000 + Jackpot
9X1.5X2X10X100X100X5,000 + Jackpot
10X2X4X15X75X125X5,000 + Jackpot
11X3X8X25X50X150X5,000 + Jackpot
12X4.5X15X50X25X200X5,000 + Jackpot
13X7.5X25X100X15X250X5,000 + Jackpot
14X12.5X50X150X10X500X5,000 + Jackpot
15X25X75X250X5X1,000X5,000 + Jackpot
16+X50X100X500X2X5,000X5,000 + Jackpot

The gameplay for Pixel Samurai varies a little bit from standard video slot games. The grid is a 5 by 5 board, on which the various symbols drop and land. Whenever a cluster of at least 5 matching symbols is created, this will generate a win. The symbols offer prizes of between 0.4 times their stake and 5,000 times their stake.

There is also a cascading reels system in place. This means that all winning symbols are removed from the grid and new ones will fall in to replace them. If new wins are created by the cascade, they will pay out and more new symbols will fall in to help create even more winning clusters.

A progressive jackpot is available when playing Pixel Samurai too. This is paid out whenever 8 or more Red Samurai symbols collect in a cluster. The percentage of the jackpot that you receive depends on the level of stake you play with. The lowest amount will pay out 1% of the jackpot, and the highest amount will pay out 100%.


As Pixel Samurai is a relatively new title, Playtech has ensured that it was designed and developed to the highest standard. The visuals are absolutely fantastic and the presentation is smooth on screens of any size, and the game offers superb scaling too. Pixel Samurai can also be played on a range of different devices without showing any noticeable levels of slowdown that will impact on your experience. For players who prefer to play on a smartphone or tablet, Pixel Samurai at NZ is a great game to try.


Pixel Samurai merges the worlds of video slots and arcade games perfectly. It has a delightful theme designed to grab the attention of players right from the start. The cluster pays system, combined with the progressive jackpot system, makes it both potentially lucrative and engaging. If you want to try Pixel Samurai, or one of the many other slots

 available in our portfolio of games, log in right here at NZ today.