Play Funky Fruit Online Slot at New Zealand

The classic slot machine games often had a fruit theme. Try and get 3 cherries or oranges in a row, and the coins start pouring out of the machine. With the exception of the fruit theme Funky Fruit online slot game at New Zealand is about as different a game as you can imagine. While the game is technically an online slot game, it has more in common with cell phone apps like bubble burst.

The game is set at the beach, where the fruits are hanging out, some with big smiles and other grimacing at the online casino players. If you’ve played the Funky Fruit Farm then you should be familiar with the characters, as this time they left the farm and made their way to the beach.

The game is played on a 5x5 board, but unlike with most online slot games, there are no reels, no paylines, no wilds, scatters or bonuses. In fact, Funky Fruit is more closely related to a cell phone app like Bejeweled than most online slot games.

How to Play Funky Fruits Online Slots at New Zealand

Once you get the hang of it, Funky Fruits proves to be a really cool game. Once you decide how much to bet on the spin, click on the play button and watch as all the fruits start falling into place.

Whenever there is a set of at least 5 identical fruits that are next to each other, they will fall off the board, and more fruits will fill in their spaces. These new fruits can also create winning combinations, which allows for players to have multiple wins on every spin.

In order for a matching set, the fruits can be touching up and down and right or left, just not diagonally. The more fruits that get are matched up, the bigger the win. Not all fruits are created equally, the e cherries bringing in the highest rewards. 7 cherries will have a payout of 2000x the initial bet, and 8 or more will reward you with a piece of the progressive jackpot. The coins you wager, the bigger the percentage of the jackpot you can win.

Win Real Money Playing Funky Fruit at New Zealand

Funky Fruit is a unique approach to online casino games, and has proven to really popular amoungst our New Zealand online casino players. If you’re ready to get in on the action, and see if you can get 8 cherries to match up, then create your real money account today.