Play Football: Champions Cup Online Slots at NZ

When you combine one of the most popular sports in the world with one of the most entertaining online casino games you’ll get to play Football: Champions Cup online slots. This 5-reel slot game has 20 fixed paylines and is available at New Zealand. It’s the perfect activity for football fans while they wait for the next match to begin.

Pick Your Team and Play Football: Champions Cup Online Slots

The first decision you’ll need to make is to pick the flag of your favorite football team. You can change your team at any point by simply clicking on the flag in the bottom right corner. For the most part, the team you choose won’t have any influence on the game, until you reach the Free Spins tournament.

The free spins tournament is activated when you get 3 champions Cup scatter symbols on the middle three reels. You’ll see a champions league bracket and you can try and play your way to the Cup. During each round, you’ll get 5 free spins, for every blue wild that lands on the first or second reels will count as a goal for you team. The red wilds, that appear on reels 4 and 5, are goals for your opponent. The team that has more points at end of the 5 free spins, will advance to the next round. There are a total of 4 possible rounds, or 20 free spins, in order to win the Champions Cup. There are Gold, Silver and Brozne medals that you can win, depending on how far you advance in the tournament, and each has a different prize value that you will be awarded.

There is a Bonus round that is triggered when 3 bonus symbols are located anywhere on the reels. This round features a pick and click game, where you compete in a football shootout. This is a 5-round bonus game, and in each round there are 2 parts. At first, you’ll attempt to score, so you can choose from 1 of 4 spots in the goal to kick the ball past the goalkeeper. The second part has you as the goalie, and you have to click the area of the net that you think your opponent will try and kick the ball.

Score a Goal today with the Football: Champions Cup Online Slots Game

You’ll want to get in on the action with the Football: Champions Cup online slot game at NZ today. This online casino game must be played on your desktop, and for players with an online casino account. It’s time to choose your favorite Champions League team and start spinning the reels today.