Play 3D Roulette Premium Online at NZ

3D Roulette Premium is the choice for you if you enjoy spectacular casino action, striking graphics and a realistic casino feel. Based on the traditional Roulette game rules, our 3D game has brought Roulette to a new level with its atmospheric look and feel and innovative options.

Offering the very best in what modern technology has to offer, when you opt to play 3D Roulette Premium with us at our casino online, you’re getting a high quality game that boasts cinema-standard graphics and hours of fun. But you’re also getting in-game statistics that help you with your technique and strategy – so your game improves on more than one level.

You can also take advantage of our online casino bonuses, including the Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) that’s currently available to all new players who sign up and play for real money with us today.

The basic rules

You start the game in motion by betting on single numbers, number combinations or colours and other variants that correspond to the numbers on the wheel. You place your bets in the designated area on the table and then spin the wheel to see whether the outcome matches your predictions. If you got the prediction right, you receive an immediate payout to your bankroll (shown at the bottom left of your screen).

When you play any online roulette game, you can choose to place multiple bets and your winnings are accumulative; that means that every bet that wins gets paid, regardless of the hierarchy. Learn your basic strategy and place bets that complement each other for the chance to earn a decent payday on a single spin. Know your Split Bet from your Column Bet, your Triple Bet from your Dozen to give yourself the best odds of success and get the most out of your online casino games.

Special features

To enjoy a faster pace, use the Auto-Play function for up to 50 automatic spins, or Turbo mode to get the wheel moving faster and experience lightning-quick rounds. The animations are spectacular and add an atmospheric quality to your overall experience. You can use the digital board to the right of the screen to see spin results; the last 11 spins are tracked at all times to help keep you informed. You can use this information to spot patterns, assess winnings and plan strategies. And what’s more, you can play 3D Roulette Premium using either download or flash versions of the software.