Play Double Attack Blackjack at NZ

Double Attack Blackjack may begin in the same way as regular blackjack games, however, there are many differences that change the game into an exciting variation of the already popular online blackjack game.

Double Attack Blackjack is played with eight Spanish card decks. A Spanish deck is almost the same as a regular deck of cards, however, the 10s have been removed, making each deck a 48-card deck with slightly lower odds of a blackjack hand.

Double Attack Blackjack Game Play

The game starts out in the same was as a regular blackjack game. Players each receive their first cards, as does the dealer, with all cards dealt face-up. Once players have seen the dealer’s first card, they can make the decision of what to do next.

After placing a bet based on the first cards dealt, players can choose to add in an additional Double Attack bet. Players then receive a second face-up card, and the dealer receives a second card face-down.

The next move to take would be one of the following:

  • Press hit and receive a third card without making an additional bet.
  • Double only your initial stake.
  • Double max, which would double both your initial stake and your Double Attack stake.
  • After doubling either bet, players receive one additional card, and must then make the decision to stand or surrender.
  • When players are dealt the same cards, it is possible to split the hands up to a maximum of four times, rather than just once which is more standard in other blackjack games.

The Bust It Bet!

In case all the betting choices above are not enough for you, the Bust It bet is a great side bet that makes Double Attack Blackjack one of the more exciting online casino games. This side bet allows players to speculate as to whether the dealer will bust on his third card. If the dealer goes bust on the fourth card, the bet is not paid out. It is only paid when a bust takes place on the third card. To play this bet, simply place a chip on the Bust It betting circle. The payouts when winning this bet range from 3/1 when a face card causes the bust, and can reach as much as 200/1 when the bust takes place with three eights in the same suite.

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