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18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply

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18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply

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18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply

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18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply

Enjoy all the excitement of the casino floor without having to leave your house when you play Live Blackjack games at

Pit your Blackjack skills against live dealers and play with punters from all over the world on your computer or mobile device. You’ll be able to enjoy the constant chatter of the casino floor and the general ambiance of the casino as you’re playing. is the best Live Blackjack casino to play at thanks to the great selection of Blackjack games available. Keep on reading for a complete overview of the Blackjack variations, bonuses, and rules.


  • Number of Live Dealer Blackjack Games Available: 25+.
  • Platform: Playtech.
  • Min-Max Bet Limits: $1-$10,000.
  • Spectator Mode: Yes, some of the games allow you to join as a live watcher.


Live Dealer Blackjack gives players a chance to experience a real blackjack game, taking place in a casino and with a real dealer. All of this is streamed directly onto the player’s desktop or mobile device, giving them a connection to the casino and allowing them to play as if they were sitting in front of the dealer.

To see what Blackjack games are available at, take a look below. We currently have 8 different variants for you to play, beginning at a stake level of just $1 and going all the way to a maximum of $10,000, with varying RTPs, themes, and features:

Live Blackjack GameLimitsRTP%Description
Soho Blackjack$5 to $10,00095.9% - 99.46%High-stakes, 24/7 access, and an 8-deck shoe.
Unlimited Blackjack$5 to $5,00095.9% - 99.46%An unlimited number of players can join at one time and play on the same hand.
Amber Blackjack$10 to $10,00095.9% - 99.46%Bet Behind other players in this classic variant.
Soiree Blackjack$50 to $5,00095.9% - 99.46%Several player requests can be made, including a shuffle or shoe change. Two side bets are also used.
Grand Blackjack$50 to $5,00095.9% - 99.46%Players can win with a 10-Card Charlie and they can double after splits.
Sapphire Room Blackjack$1 to $5,00095.9% - 99.46%3:2 for a blackjack, insurance can be taken, and 8 decks are used.
Royal Blackjack$5 to $5,00095.9% - 99.46%Several options available, including side bets and multi-seating.
Blackjack Live Lobby$5 to $5,00095.9% - 99.46%A classic variant, with splits, doubles, and side bets.


Blackjack is a world apart from virtual varieties of this popular card room. The features are similar, the goal is the same, and the payouts are also similar, but there are a few key differences, including the fact that Live Dealer Blackjack takes place on a table with real players (all playing from their computer) and a real dealer.

This is made possible thanks to a high-quality stream, and in addition to seeing the dealer’s moves and watching how other players interact, you can also chat with the table.


  • A More Immersive Experience
  • More Communal
  • Chat Box to Interact
  • Other Players are Involved
  • Many Different Game Variants and Features
  • You Can Watch the Game Unfold in Real-Time


  • Games Can be Slower
  • Longer Waiting Times
  • Harder to Multi-Table


The basic rules for all of our live blackjack games are the same – beat the dealer (by getting closer to 21 without busting). However, each game has its own unique features; these can be different side bets and payouts, as well as varied minimum and maximum betting limits.

Some of the decisions that you’ll have to make are as follows:

Hit or Stand

These are the most important decisions that you’ll have to make in each game. Whether to get another card (hit) or finish your turn (stand). You can decide what to do while other players are taking their turn, and the dealer will play the hand accordingly when he/she gets to you.

Double Down

There are some hands, like a 7-4, for example, when doubling your bet might be the smart option. If you choose to add this additional bet, you will only receive one more card, and then your turn is over.


If you’re dealt a matching pair of numbers, you’ll have the option to split them and receive another two hands. You’ll have to double your ante since you’re now playing with two hands.


When the dealer is showing an Ace, you’ll have the option to buy insurance against the house having a Blackjack.


This is an option that is only available in certain Live Blackjack variants. It allows you to surrender your bet and receive back a portion of the ante bet. Once you “Hit” you can no longer surrender.


Some tables will allow you to play multiple hands simultaneously. Since this is a Live Dealer game, this option is only available when there are open seats at your table.

Bet Behind

If you join a table that has no open seats, or enjoy betting on other punters hands, you can enable the Bet Behind option on selected Live Blackjack games. You can choose how much to bet, but all the decisions are left up to the players whose hand it is. Should they split or double, you will also have to double your bet.

Side Bets

Depending on the game, there are several side bets that you can make, which add to the excitement of each hand.

Player’s Pair

If you are dealt a matching pair of cards, you win this side bet. The payout is based on whether it’s a perfect pair, matching colors, suits, or just numbers.

Dealers Pair

Similar to the players except it’s based on the dealer’s cards


This bet takes a look at your two face-up cards and the dealers first face-up card, and if they make any of the following poker hands you win the bet; Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, or Suited Three of a Kind.


The main payouts are written directly on the Live Blackjack table. In most games, Blackjack pays out 3:2. This means that if you place a $5 bet, you’ll win $7.50 if you get a blackjack. With all other regular game wins the payout is 1:1, meaning the $5 bet will result in a $5 win.

If you make a side bet, the odds and payouts will vary based on the win. For example, if you make a Player’s Pair bet, the payout for landing a perfect pair is 25:1 while a red/black pair pays out 6:1. Similarly, the 21+3 can pay out as much as 100:1 if you manage a suited three of a kind.

You can check the in-game help menu for a detailed breakdown of the payouts and odds; just go to the “Return to Player” section for all the info.

BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS really stands out from the competition when it comes to casino bonus offers. You can even find exclusive bonuses specifically for Live Blackjack games.

It’s important to read about how our casino bonuses work, the Terms and Conditions of each bonus and understand the Wagering Requirements so you can access the bonus funds. For the latest offers, make sure to check out the promotions page.


You can play many different live dealer games at, including a selection of Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Hold’em and more. You can’t beat the feel of playing in a real casino, and all these games offer that, utilizing a high-quality stream, chat features, and more to provide an in-depth experience.

PLAY LIVE BLACKJACK NOW is simply the best Live Blackjack casino to play at, thanks to the wide variety of options and bonuses available. There are loads of blackjack games with a range of minimum and maximum bets, making it ideal for punters of all levels. Sign up today and see for yourself!