Golden Stallion Slot Game Review

Forget about smoking saloons, cheap whiskey, and duels at dawn—the real Old West is about vast open plains, searing sunshine, unforgiving desert, and roaming wild stallions. Golden Stallion explores this world in all of its glory, shining the spotlight on the beasts and not their masters.

It is a smartly-designed, uniquely featured slot game that was developed by Microgaming and is available right here at IE.

Main Features

  • Game Type: 5 Reels, 3 Rows, 20 Paylines
  • Return to Player (RTP):96.17%
  • Volatility: High
  • Themes: Animals, Wild
  • Release Year: 2021

Golden Stallion is set in a dusty valley, with the compact reels in the foreground and some grazing horses in the background. Everything is animated, and you’ll see these horses move around while the reels are inactive. And that’s not all, because as soon as you start spinning, the horses will begin sprinting toward you.

Don’t cower in fear just yet, though, because when those majestic beasts begin rearing up and showing their displeasure, they start making their impact on the reels, leaving mystery symbols, locked symbols, and more in their wake. Take a look at the Rules section below for more information.

Play for Real Money

To take a real money spin on the Golden Stallion Slot Game, just click the little “Deposit” icon and add some cash to your account. There are a multitude of payment options available and all provide you with a fast and secure way to fund your account.


The Golden Stallion Wild symbol triggers a payout of 7x, but this is just one symbol on one payline, and if you make it through to the bonus feature, you’ll activate nearly 200,000 of them!


  • Coin Sizes: Click the coin symbol to change your wager from a low of £0.10 to a high of £50. Remember to stay within your budget and gamble responsibly at all times.
  • Symbols
    • Main: Different Types of Horses + Golden Versions
    • Standard: Playing Card Symbols (J to A)
    • Wild: 2x Wild Symbols
    • Scatter: Skull Bonus
  • Additional Bonus Rounds
    • Golden Spin: Count down to the Golden Spin and wait for those locked squares to turn into a mystery symbol.
    • Free Games: Unlock free games when three of the scatters appear anywhere on the reels.
    • Ultraways: Close to 200,000 ways to wins can be added during the free games.
Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline
Wild (Golden)3x5x7x
GS (Golden)2.4x4x6x
Silver Haired Horse0.6x0.8x1x
Silver Haired Horse (Golden)2.4x4x6x
Black Haired Horse0.6x0.8x1x
Black Haired Horse (Golden)2.4x4x6x
White Horse0.4x0.6x0.8x
White Horse (Golden)1.6x3.2x4.8x
Black Horse0.4x0.6x0.8x
Black Horse (Golden)1.6x3.2x4.8x
A (Golden)1x2x3x
K (Golden)1x2x3x
Q (Golden)0.6x1.2x2.4x
J (Golden)0.6x1.2x2.4x

Golden Stallion is a very busy slot game and there are several features and unique game mechanics to look out for. These can seem a little confusing at first, but it’s all very intuitive and once you take a few spins, it will become second nature.

The first thing you need to know is that every symbol has a “Standard” version and a “Golden” version. The former is how all symbols appear during the main game and the bonus feature. The latter is triggered during a specific “Golden Spin”.

At the start of the game, a golden star will appear telling you how many spins you need to take before you reach the “Golden Spin”. Before every spin, one or more horses will race toward the reels. If they stop and stamp their hooves, they will activate one of the symbols, at which point it will appear within a blue border.

This doesn’t affect the base game, but when the Golden Spin counter reaches 0, all of the activated symbols turn into a single Golden Symbol. The more of these that appear, the greater your chance of a big payout.

And that’s just the base game!

The Free Spin feature, triggered by three of the scatter symbols, first tasks you with revealing Horseshoe symbols on an empty reel. When these symbols land, the square in which they appear will lock in place. If they land in the same square again, it will become a multiple of itself, first turning into a Double and then into a Quad.

Once this round ends, the free spins will begin, at which point all of the locked squares will fill with the same symbol, one that is chosen at random prior to the start of every spin. This is also where the game’s “Ultraways” feature kicks-in, and it’s possible to unlock up to 196,608 ways to win.

Every time the horse above the reels stamps its hooves, the symbols inside these squares will change and the reels around them will spin.

Software and Mobile

The compact nature of Golden Stallion makes it perfect for mobile. In fact, it looks and plays better on mobile devices than it does on desktop, so if you have a tablet or smartphone on hand, pick it up, get yourself a IE account, and start spinning your way to those golden wins!


Stacks of paylines, lots of free games, and a unique base game mechanic— Golden Stallion has a little bit of everything!