Play Pharaoh's Secrets Slots Online at South Africa

Ancient Egypt was a time and place of mystery and intrigue, with hidden passages, treasures, illusions and encryptions. It was also a time of abundance and pleasure. Pharaoh’s Secrets, one of the most intriguing online slots versions, brings all this glory of Ancient Egypt to the modern era. You’ll go back in time to this era that was shrouded in mystery and experience the abundance for yourself. Unlock the riches of the ancient Egyptians in this enthralling casino games online version.

Symbols such as the pyramid, a fire-breathing snake, the Eye of Ra to name a few, all help you to unlock the great Egyptian leader’s tomb and see what riches are inside.

Pharaoh’s Secrets Online Slots Game Explained

Pharaoh’s Secrets is a one of the most popular casino slots games because not only is it mysterious and fascinating to play, but it is also very rewarding for those who dare to raid the ancient ruler’s tomb.

Tomb raiders will earn the treasures they so richly deserve when they unlock special bonuses and freebies that lie beneath the surface.

It is a 5-reel 20 payline version with multiple opportunities to be rewarded for those who are on a quest for fortune and discovery.

There is a wild symbol and scatter symbol, as well as an Xtra Win Feature, which adds even more rewards to your play.

Familiarise yourself with the rules of Pharaoh’s Secrets and even explore it further in our practice mode so that you can understand all that ancient Egypt has to offer.

Pharaoh’s Secrets And More

Who would ever have thought that you could explore ancient Egypt and unlock Pharaoh’s Secrets from a casino online in South Africa, from the comfort of your own home.

Bet that Indiana Jones wished it was so easy when he was on his quest of discovery, but then again, he didn’t have South Africa to transport him to fascinating places he’d always dreamed of.