Play Fountain of Youth Slots Online at South Africa

This is not the Fountain of Youth Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for but you will certainly feel the joy of youth when you win some extra cash.

Fountain of Youth is a three reel game like most classic slots but it has three payout lines which makes it a multi-line with bigger and better payout opportunities. It’s simple to play and all you need to do is hit the “bet one” or “bet max” button and place your bet in order to begin. Just like all casino slot games when you place the maximum bet you have the potential to win the biggest possible payout, if the reels

Fun Winning Symbols In Fountain Of Youth

The five symbols on the reels of Fountain of Youth; Frog, Butterfly, Flower, Blue Bird, and Fountain all represent tranquility and peacefulness. Combining these symbols with the calming graphics and soothing harp sounds you will feel like you have stepped into a garden paradise when you settle down to play.

With five symbols available and three wheels there are eight possible winning combinations. And you will win an extra jackpot payout if you line up three fountains in a row on the third line. With no bonus rounds or wild cards to worry about you can get right to the business at hand playing slots online. This is just the right option for anyone who loves a straight forward slot machine.

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