Classic Slots

Of all the gambling options you could choose from, classic slots are the most straightforward and simple to enjoy. With this online casino games version, you don’t have to do much more than pay, bet and spin. Then the rest is up to the slot machine and whether good fortune is on your side.

There are two types you can choose from:

  • Single Line Slots: 3-5 reels, one payline, simple! As close as possible to the original slot machine, the Liberty Bell, as you can get. Read the paytable to see what the winning combinations are and wait to see what happens! Get a winning combo and you’ll get paid out! Also you stand a chance to win a jackpot prize
  • Multi Line Slots: a little more complex than single-line and even more thrilling because now there are multiple paylines, which means even more possible winning combinations and more payouts for you!

Since there are a couple of variations on the basic version and there are still even many more themes with different paytables, we recommend that you play now for free, and then switch to the real money mode later.

This is the ideal way to pick up some useful tips and to get to know the best slots games in South Africa like the back of your hand.

The History Of Classic Slots

The history of the slot machine goes back to a century ago and was invented by a Mr Charles Frey. His version of classic slots was known as The Liberty Bell and was a basic console with 3 reels and 5 symbols. With today’s technology the slot machine is now a completely different animal with superb graphics, unbelievable sound effects and a digital display. And now home connectivity and advanced personal computing have taken this favourite gambling pastime to a whole new level with online slots.

Classic Slots And Many More Versions

There is more than just classic slots at South Africa, the number one South African online casino. We have all the different types that you can imagine, such as video multi-spin, multi-line video, progressive, or dollar ball.

Video multi-spin lets you spin the reels twice, pause a few reels and respin. Multi-line video have multiple paylines, amazing video qualities, like animations, clips from movies, amazing themes and special bonus rounds to name a few. Progressive is based on giving the player access to a chance to win a huge jackpot that grows as you bet. Dollar ball is an extra special that comes along with many of the versions. Activate the bonus round, and when you’re in you can select from 5 lucky numbers. If your numbers come up when you spin, you will be a winner. South Africa is at the forefront of remote gambling and will take you places you’ve never been before in your own personal space. We will take you back in time, transport you all over the world and introduce you to a host of entertaining, iconic and famous characters like Marilyn Monroe, Tony Soprano, CJ Parker and more!