Play Bermuda Triangle Slots Online at South Africa

Bermuda Triangle is a popular online slot version that you can enjoy at South Africa. Come unravel the mystery of this legend of the seas from the comfort of your own home when you spin the reels to determine your fate.

Not even the slot machine itself knows what your fate will be when you enter this zone of mystery and intrigue as it is randomness that determines the combinations you will receive. In this version where lady luck holds the fort, you can play a part in whether you’ll emerge successful by learning the rules and coming up with a betting strategy.

Bermuda Triangle Slots   Bermuda Triangle Slots   Bermuda Triangle Slots

Of course, you have no influence on which symbols land where because they are completely random, but you do have control over what types of bets you make and how many lines you activate.

Bermuda Triangle Explained

Bermuda Triangle is a 3 reel 5 payline classic slots version. The reason that it is a traditional version is because it’s more basic than the more technologically advanced versions that we have today – there are no wild or scatter symbols, no bonus rounds, just straightforward spinning fun.

There is however an exciting jackpot for you to aim for, which is paid out depending on where the ship symbol lands and what combination of symbols land with it. All the info about the symbols and combinations can be found in the paytable, which is displayed on your screen throughout play.

The other symbols all have the same oceanic theme and include octopuses, dolphins, planes and sharks. The graphics are world-class and will have you feeling like you are really at sea!

Discover The Bermuda Triangle At South Africa

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