Play 3D Roulette Premium Online at South Africa

Just as you could have guessed from the name, 3D Roulette Premium is a Online Roulette casino game with an incredible three-dimensional effect on the wheel. When this wheel spins, you’ll feel like you’re in Vegas, standing around a high-energy table. This is one way to get your excitement levels to the max. Another way is to keep on winning!

You can do this too, but you don’t need to count only on luck to help you with this one. A sound betting strategy will take you from being a so-so player to a street-smart player who is in control of your game.

How To Play 3D Roulette Premium

You play 3D Roulette Premium just like you would any other French Roulette version, except it comes with some extra special features.

You would start off by placing your bets on the betting areas of your choice. You would place chips by clicking on a number or betting area with your mouse. You can add more chips or remove chips. There are buttons to make playing as simple as possible, such as undo a bet, redo a bet, double all bets placed, or even recreate previous bets. Once you’ve placed all your bets using these one-touch betting options, just click on Spin to set the game in motion.

You can even set the online casino game to Auto Play for up to 50 spins of the wheel to make things even easier for yourself. Another option is to play in Turbo Mode which will make things happen faster than ever before, meaning an even speedier way to earn money.

Strategies For 3D Roulette Premium

3D Roulette Premium has 37 pockets, 0 to 36. It is based on French Roulette, giving you many of the same betting options.

Even though the ball lands at random and you have no control over that aspect, you do have control over the bets that you place. It’s not good enough to simply bet on your lucky number over and over again in the hopes that it will eventually show up. You need to play the best strategy that will give you the greatest odds of winning.

Roulette has come a very long way since it was created in France all those centuries ago by an experimenting mathematician. The pre-historic perpetual motion machine on which this game is based is a far cry from the technologically advanced online Roulette versions that we see today. 3D Roulette Premium is probably one of the most advanced of these versions, as it gives players a very realistic three-dimensional experience when playing the game. Join online casino South Africa today and give this wheel a spin!